Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ghibli afternoon with friends ♡

Hello everyone! I have so much to catch up with you guys. July was a Lolita-filled month and I can't believe it's almost September! Soon I'll post about the recent Hogwarts meeting and others.
Someone in my comm suggested a Ghibli themed meet, unfortunately we didn't feel we should join the other girls this time and decided to have a get together in my house. The comm's meet-up is yet to happen and since we really LOVE Studio Ghibli we threw something of our own.

I was really excited for Hana and Layla to come visit again, last time they were here I had almost no furniture and everything was a mess, my boyfriend and I still have to buy many things for the house but in the last few weeks we've been really committed to this place and even though we don't have everything we need or want yet it's already looking like a home! Once we are done furnishing the apartment I'll give you guys a complete tour.

The girls came here last Sunday, it was a rainy and cold day, it's Winter here.

I'm obsessed with Studio Ghibli, it's a shame I never got to carry on with my Japan posts, I really wanted to tell everything that happened when I went to Mitaka, it was possibly one of the happiest days of my life. Although I love Ghibli, it's not a 100% my aesthetic so I don't have as much merch as, say, Sanrio for example, also, my house is very pastel. However I managed to incorporate the theme into my decor for the day and I lived for it, I got almost everything Ghibli I had and was very pleased with the results.

We still don't have a dining table, curtains, etc. Layla let me borrow some DVDs from her collection, which is almost complete.

She also brought those tiny brooms which are so cute and can also be used in a Hogwarts or Halloween meet. I put some gummy eggs in a jar because I feel Miyazaki would approve, based on how much their characters seem to like eggs.

Most of my merch is Jiji's since Kiki's Delivery Service is my favorite Ghibli movie.

I incorporated Ghibli elements without ditching the things that are part of my everyday decor, Layla suggested we gave a little broom to each one of my Sonny Angels.

And even the museum's gift shop bag was used. This framed Totoro is from my old bedroom, who remembers?

Layla brought the same candy tin that they featured on Grave of the Fireflies.

I packed some candy using my Jiji's washi tape set.

More witchy Sonny Angels.

After we finished setting everything up Hana arrived bringing the konpeito!

Now onto our outfits, I went with a Kiki inspired coord. Misty Sky is too hot for me, it's fully lined with polyester, so it was a good opportunity for me to wear it since Spring is just around the corner.

My feet are strangely big on the picture but I promise my shoe size is perfectly average for my height haha. Speaking of height: needless to say Misty Sky is super short on me but I think the navy tights made it work, sort of. My shoes are Cotton Candy Feet, bag is MILK, head-bow Chocomint and tights are off-brand. I was wearing my Jiji pin from the Ghibli Museum, a Kiki pin and red glitter bangle.

Same pin I wore with Lady Gingham early this year, one of my favorite accessories I have.

The fact that the Jiji pin had gold accents bothered me but I decided to wear it anyways.

I really rushed my make-up on the day so it wasn't super on point but overall I'm quite happy with my outfit.

Layla was inspired by My Neighbor Totoro's character Mei with a gorgeous dress from Leur Getter that is a similar shade of pink as Mei's and a straw hat.

And Hana wore her Pool of Tears OP by Imai Kira inspired by the movie Ponyo.

And here's a picture of our shoes and bags together, not that I needed one since I was in my own house. Hana sacrificed her Chelsea ribbons on the rain ;-;

We didn't prepare as much food as last time (Christmas) because the table we were using is quite small.

I was in charge of the egg salad sandwiches (the three of us love egg salad) which I made flower shaped. Layla brought oniguiris and Japanese sponge cake. Hana brought konpeito, as well as other Japanese candies and made matcha latte drinks with marshmellows.

The drinks were delicious and looked really cute.

We spend the afternoon looking at Layla's embroidery book, planing things and talking about Rupaul's Drag Race, I had a great time.

A couple of pictures from Hana's perspective that I loved.

Thank you for reading ♡

Friday, June 16, 2017

Daydream Bed: JSK and OP ♡

There aren't many prints out there that were love at the first sight for me. Honey Cake, Toy March, Melty Cream Doughnuts are a few I can name but even Lucky Key didn't get my attention when it was released let alone anything that came up in the last couple of seasons.

When I saw the first picture of Daydream Bed I knew I wanted it. The tea party exclusive OP became one of dream dresses the moment I laid my eyes on it.

But it was tea party exclusive and I didn't attend the tea party. Now I had to wait for the general release of the print and hope for the best.

Initially, when the first pictures came out, I was disappointed, I wasn't expecting the special grayish blue colorway but I thought maybe the OPs would have the same cut. They didn't. Plus none of the colorways were half as pretty as the tea party exclusive OP.

I really loved the print so I decided to get the black JSK, I wasn't too fond of the ivory and the pink was way too Sweet for me. It was decided "I'll get the black and make it work since I know I'll never be able to get the blue OP" better than leaving empty-handed.

To make sure I wouldn't miss the release, since I didn't know how popular the black JSK was going to be I used a shopping service. The black JSK ended up being the least popular cut and color and my SS grabbed me the ivory JSK which was my second choice. Even though I knew the ivory was more popular I decided to stick with my personal favorite and she managed to get me the black one. Had I known there were going to be loads of black JSKs left I wouldn't have needed to use a shopping service but yeah...better safe than sorry.

A few weeks later I find a picture on Instagram of a girl selling Daydream Bed and Misty Sky tea party exclusive OPs. I contacted her and everything was dealt by e-mail. I was afraid but the girl was a kawaii ambassador so I thought I could trust her reputation and bought the entire Daydream Bed set.

Turns out the dress got here really fast, no taxes, perfect, brand new with tags and all, so, thank you Ruby it was a pleasure doing business with you.

It was probably the most expensive dress I've ever bought so far but that's okay, I actually think it was a very reasonable price for a new, with tags, full set of something that wasn't released to the general pubic so I'm very satisfied.

And I decided to keep the black JSK too, why not? I even had shoes custom made with the black dress in mind and I grew to like the black JSK as well.

The OP is wrinkled on the pictures but I don't have an iron or steamer in my house yet (I moved recently). I love the cut and color of the OP. It fits a lot better than my Misty Sky OP and it's not nearly as short which I'm so thankful for. Sometimes I really regret not getting Misty Sky's JSK instead. Of course the Daydream Bed JSK is way more comfortable but the fit of the OP is fine by me specially when compared to MS.

One thing I didn't like on the general release is that the shade of pink used on the chest and waist ribbons for the black and ivory colorways clashes with the pink on the print which is very dusty and has a purple undertone. That doesn't happen with the blue OP which has a pale pink detachable and waist ribbon, or with the pink dresses that have blue ribbons instead. However, the bows on the black JSK seem more well-made and stay in place which makes things a lot easier for us, mere mortals, who don't possess perfect bow-tying skills.

The JSK also has beautiful lace similar to the one used on Melty Cream Doughnuts.

The tights that came with the OP are thankfully the off-white ones so I can wear them with both dresses.

I also prefer the headdress of the general release although I didn't buy the black one. From what I've seen in the stock photos they look more well-made than tea party exclusive's. The design is different and prettier too, in my opinion.

I also didn't like that neither the blue of the sleeping mask or the gray ribbon are the exact shade of the dress which doesn't seem to happen with the general release. The organza bow does not meet my quality standards either but I'm glad I have the whole set nonetheless because that blue is very unusual so I won't find many items out there to match.

Best release of 2017 so far. I'm a huge fan of Imai Kira's art work and I love her collabs with AP. Charlotte's Bear is high up on my wishlist too!

I'm very happy with my Daydream Bed collection. Maybe one day I'll have Honey Cake and Lucky Key too and finally all of my dream dresses will be hanging in my closet.

Thank you for reading ♡