Friday, March 28, 2014

All my BB Creams and my opinions about them ♡

I'm a huge consumer of Korean cosmetics, today I'm gonna show my BBs and tell my impressions about them. I wear BB cream daily, the concept of all-in-one the product offers really suit my needs, whenever I'm buying a new BB cream I take in consideration the price, coverage and sun protection.
All BB cream I own are from Korean brands, I have never tried japanese or western BB creams. I do own some foundations from M.A.C but even when going to a party I'm more likely to wear BB cream. The best foundation I ever owned was Vichy's Dermablend, if you have troubled skin and wants perfect coverage I couldn't recommend a better product! Unfortunately I ran out of mine and it's really expensive (I got mine as a present).
Anyway before I give you my opinions about my BB creams it's important to remember that a product being bad or good also depends on the skin type and personal preferences as well as the climate conditions the skin is exposed too.
I have a medium skin tone (European and American people are usually very pale compared to me but in Brazil/South America most people have darker skin than me I'm a M.A.C NC25) whenever I buy skin products from Korea I always pick the second lightest color if color is an option, sometimes products come in one color only. Also if your skin is dark I'd recommend you trying Maybelline or L'Oreal BB creams as Korean brands don't have a large range of color choices.
I live in a subtropical area, the summer here is very hot and moist, the spring and fall are mild and the winter is somewhat chilly and very dry. I have dry skin. During summer my T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) does get a little oily but in the winter my skin gets really dry. I rarely have breakouts or acne in general. Let's take a look on my face to give you a better idea:

That's me wearing BB cream and poorly placed fake eyelashes
The reason I look for good coverage when buying make-up is because of my dark circles, no matter what I do I can't get rid of them completely so at least I try to cover them up as well as I can.
Also I like matte finish so I always purchase the silk version of BB Creams, I deeply dislike when they come with shimmer, if that's your case make sure you always pick Silk instead of Glow.

All of that said let's take a look on those BB creams!

From left to right: Missha, SKIN79, Etude House CC, BB and Tonymoly.
Missha Signature BB Cream
My biggest investment, the price was "reasonable", meanig: it wasn't cheap so I had to think a lot about it before purchasing it, yep, I'm a big fan of bargains, 28USD if I well remember, it's my "luxury" BB cream I save for dates, night outs, parties and special occasions in general. There are only 2 things I dislike about this BB cream: first it's packing isn't very economic, though it doesn't look like in the picture the container is not squeezable, second: 25SPF? C'mon Missha you can do better than that I need at least 30SPF under this brazilian sun! I'd give 4 out of 5 to this product, also I don't think it matters that much but I find the packing a little tacky, though I like that it is easy to clean and doesn't become an ugly thing like my CC cream after a couple uses.

SKIN79 Blemish Balm (pink version)
Some people love this product. But I don't. The coverage is just fine so is the price, the design, etc. But it makes my skin greyish, the packing is heavy and not economic at all, I hate carrying this product in my make-up bag. Personally, I don't recommend it. I used to wear it mixing with my M.A.C foundation but now that I have more options of BB cream I rarely use it.

Etude House CC Cream
I know it's not a BB cream but at least to me it doesn't make that much difference, it does have a lighter coverage but on my skin it works just as good as the BB cream (not the Etude BB cream tough). When you pump the product out of the tube it is white and as you start spreading it on your face it acquires a beige tone that blends with your skin color. On my skin it looks nice and natural and I wore it a lot during last summer since it also has 30SPF. It should come with more product though, this lasts nothing so I try to save it. Also the packing get dirty easily and once that happens it's impossible to clean it back leaving the product with an ugly appearance (and that's from someone who really takes care of her make-up). Besides that I do like the product and I would even purchase it again.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
I don't like it. It's my least favorite from the ones I have. It costs about 14USD which would be reasonable if the product was any good. The coverage is average at first but after 2 hours of use my skin gets oily and my face look like I'm not even wearing make-up (in the bad way, not the natural looking way). The packing is also impossible to clean once it get's dirty, problem that I only had with Etude House BB Creams. No need to say that I'll never repurchased it.

Tonymoly Cat's Wink BB cream
For 8USD this product is more than great, no complains, easy to carry in my make-up bag, cute packing, comes with reasonable amount. This is my everyday BB cream, the coverage isn't "wow" and it only has 15SPF but fair enough for it's price. I do recommend this product.

Plus: Etude House Shini Star BB Cream

It was my first BB Cream. I still own the face powder from the same range but the BB Cream didn't last long. I did like the product and used it until it's last drop. I wouldn't purchase it again because it comes with a really small amount of product and again the packing, though it's pretty cute, get's dirty and ugly way too easily specially for someone so careful like me. It's an okay product I do not recommend the face powder though.

That's it! I don't intend to buy new BB Creams anytime soon but I do wanna hear your recommendations for the future and hope this post will help you somehow when buying a BB Cream.

Thank You for reading

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