Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My tea collection: mugs, infusions and everything else ♡

People often get shocked when I say I don't drink coffee, I mean, ever. I'm not sure if it's because I don't like it or simply because I would never pick coffee over one of my favorite drinks: tea ♡
I am a real tea enthusiast, though I prefer infusions (which are commonly called ''tea'') that are made of fruits and flowers I also enjoy green and white tea and some variations of the world's most consumed drink like Bubble Tea and Iced Tea. My love for tea has grown to the point I have now a little collection of teas, infusions and mugs. I'm currently looking for the perfect vintage tea pot and tea cup set which I hopefully add to my collection soon ^o^

Mugs with lid

  Floral mugs

Rilakkuma mugs

 Polka Dot tea cup with saucer

Hello Kitty set

Infusers and spoons


All the fruity flavors <3

Raspeberry and Strawberry infusion my boyfriend bought me, jar decorated by me

Bowl of tea and tea box with assorted teas from various brands. Twinings is my favorite.

And the best infusion I ever tasted, once my boyfriend took me to a japanese restaurant and they offered me a cup of this tea, for a fruity flavor lover like me it was love at the first sip, it's made in some kind of machine I do not own but when I saw it at an uruguayan free shop I just had to get it anyways.

That's it! I hope you guys enjoyed, please comment telling me your favorite kinds of tea and recommendations :)

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