Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reasons I want to wear Lolita and how everything started ♡

Ever since I can remember I was a fan of cute things. When I was about 10 my mom would go to the Asian district in our city after work and pick me a bunch of cute stationery, all from Japan and Korean brand Morning Glory, not much later Sanrio stores also started to pop in Brazil, they were quite expensive but my mom would always buy me one thing or another, items that I wish I'd still have today but I guess I just lost them during the years. I still have a Hello Kitty decotape holder from that times. Unfortunately most Sanrio stores here closed a long time ago and now there's just one in my city and it's not 10% of Sanrio used to be, the products are old, most of them ugly and still expensive so I rarely go there.
Once in my birthday my mom took me to the nicest fancy goods store we knew and allowed me to pick quite a bit of brazilian reais worth of scented gel pens and cute erasers.
Well, things have changed dramatically since then. But my love of Asian culture only increased and I kept being a fan of the cute, though there were times when I was more inclined to creepy and cute. Once my father had to search all over New York City to find me a Gloomy Bear, that happened in 2007 I still have it and love it.
Kawaii this and that, pastel colors, cute characters and what about clothes? I must have a very sweet style right?? Well, not at all.
I've always felt uncomfortable wearing pink, dresses and skirts. I'm a big fan of black, gray, white and army green, I love wearing Vans, black skinny jeans, combat boots, loose T-shirts and I usually get my stuff at Zara. And I like the way I dress, I feel safe and I feel myself even if my outfits heavily contrast with the white furniture and pink items in my room. Sometimes I wear white or nude, navy and some pastel colors but probably only when I go on a date with my boyfriend. I just can't wear a skirt when walking alone on the street because I'm terrified I'll get raped, I'll talk about that on another post.
Well thing is even though I do feel comfortable pairing my Doc Martens with my leather jacket sometimes I feel like a need to wear something that makes me feel special.

Picture from my personal IG account (@audreyymaciel) with my usual clothes
When I say I'm a big fan of Asian culture I mean, cute characters, Studio Ghibli, Asian food and K-pop.
I knew one thing or another about J-fashion but six months ago I didn't even know what fairy kei was. I knew lolita because whenever I go to an Animecon kind of event I see lolitas walking around and they even have their own thematic room called "Lolita Tea Party". During all the years I went to those conventions to meet my fellow k-poppers I never really paid much attention to the lolitas and if I did my impressions on their clothing weren't the best I guess there are two main reasons for that:
1. I met "itas" instead of Lolitas
2. The brazilian lolitas are not always nice looking. Though I later discovered some of them look amazing, most of them look terrible I'm sorry but it's true.

So what the hell got me into Lolita fashion? Well it all started in a very odd way, one day I was scrolling through a random japanese culture related tag on Instagram when I saw a picture featuring this guy:

Being a big fan of cute plushies I am I tried to figure out where this bunny, which is actually a bear, was from and that's how I got introduced to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. I really wanted the damn usakumya-chan, even though I knew almost nothing about lolita fashion the plushie made to the very top of my wishlist. So I started noticing that I actually followed some lolitas on IG and some of them followed me as well. The Liz Lisa brand (which I know is not lolita) caught my eye, I felt like I needed at least sometimes, to put my black wardrobe aside and wear something that made me feel beautiful and feminine, even though I loved Liz Lisa it didn't strike as an option for me, I thought girls wearing their floral dresses and brown suede boots were amazing but I couldn't feel like it was my thing.
Not much later I found out about Taobao and shopping services which I initially wanted to use to buy a bunch of My Melody goodies, when I came across the chinese "ebay" I also found a brazilian girl who works doing the SS kinda thing, guess what, she was a lolita. I red through her blog and her posts were frequently about lolita fashion I didn't really love her posts nor her style but her blog led me to another brazilian lolita blog and that one was way more interesting. I really enjoyed reading her posts about lolita fashion and its peculiarities  but I still didn't feel encouraged to wear lolita myself. Few weeks later I saw this random australian girl on Instagram wearing this dress:

 This very same version of the JSK in the yellow colorway, by that time I already knew what Angelic Pretty was and I had seen some of their clothes on Instagram and some girls's blogs. But for the first time I wished to own a lolita dress and the deeper I kept going into lolita blogs the more items I wished for to the point it clicked "Hey I actually want to wear this fashion and have this or that dress" and here I am now six months later more or less, I think I know all I should know to start wearing lolita, I feel confident because I know I researched a lot. I'll still hit Zara sales and keep dressing the way I do daily but I can't wait to start collecting lolita items and attend meetings from time to time. Oh, and yes, Honey Cake is still my dream dress  ♡


  1. Your blog is totally adorbs <3
    I really liked reading all the thought process involved in you being interested in lolita!
    I just wanted to point out I can't follow you because there isn't a Google Friend Connect widget on your blog ; _ ; since I really liked it, if you ever add it please comment back so I can start following you!
    Thank for commenting on my blog as well <3 Because of that, I found your cute blog!

    1. Chadias muito obrigada pelo seu comentário! Eu já li todos os posts do seu blog no kidding haha e me ajudaram muito nessa jornada! Eu comecei recentemente e não tinha certeza se tinha adicionado o gadgets direito aqui no blog mas vou ver se acho um tutorial no google ou coisa assim ja que estou meio perdida :3 obrigada de novo pela sua mensagem <3

    2. *O* Fico muito feliz de saber disso!!
      Não sei em que língua você usa, mas o widget se chama "seguidores" em português, você tem que ir em "Layout" e colocar aonde preferir.

    3. :o entendi agora, acho que consegui arrumar e por o negocinho de seguir hahaha super obrigada :3