Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend, vegan restaurant and more ♡

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Last weekend was very special to me because it was my last weekend with my boyfriend before he went to Japan. We stayed together from thursday to sunday until right before his departure.
I left the airport in tears because he's going to stay for a month and we've never been apart for more than a week since our very first date.
Today he arrived in Abu Dabhi and I got to talk to him for a few minutes before he took the plane to Nagoya, he's flying to Japan as I write this post, I can't wait for him to get there soon so I can stop worrying haha. Since we live in Brazil, he's literally in the other side of the world now and I'm here on the far opposite. At the airport he kept telling me to cheer up that he would come back with my lolita dresses but I was so sad :(
Well, at least we got to do a lot of things together since thursday, it was very tiring since we had to get up early almost all the days, and he had to pack and everything, during all weekend we were very tired as you are about to see in the pictures.
Thursday and Friday we dedicated to finish watching the last season of Breaking Bad, we watched all the episodes of the whole series together and it was really fun and I like how it all ended.
Thursday my boyfriend also brought me Mr.Cheney cookies which I've been curious to try. Yep "How not to spoil your girlfriend" a book he never has never read.

Friday we went to a burger place and after to our favorite ice cream shop, it's called Bacio di Latte and they have the best gelato in the country, even foreign people when come here and are introduced to Bacio di Latte love the place. If you ever come to São Paulo I really recommend that you try this gelato!

São Paulo's most famous gelato: we picked pear and strawberry flavors. all natural.
Boyfriend happily eating his ice cream.
Saturday we had lunch with his family and he spent most time packing as I took naps. At night we went to the mall and grocery store. Easter is a big thing in Brazil, since most brazilians are Christian. During Easter we give chocolate eggs to each other, my boyfriend is not going to be here for Easter so he wanted to give me a chocolate egg before leaving to Japan. I didn't want an Easter egg because I hate brazilian chocolate, and the prices are so abusive! A chocolate bar made from the same chocolate with almost the same weight costs only a fraction of the Easter egg. Instead of buying an egg he gave me my favorite candy which inspired the name of this blog:

I love gourmet jelly beans specially from Jelly Belly! Too bad they are so expensive (just like any foreign product) in Brazil, I already ate one bag :o. My favorite flavors are: buttered popcorn, toasted marshmallow and red apple!.

Finally on Sunday me and my boyfriend had lunch with his parents and by the end of the afternoon we went to the airport. For lunch we went all the way to Granja Viana, my city is huge so there are some places that I've never been before and even some I never heard of. I live in the busiest neighborhood ever so Granja Viana felt like another city to me, I found there really pretty and calm. We went to a vegan restaurant called Ser.afim. I'm not a vegan, but I rarely eat meat, chicken and even fish because I simply don't like. I find meat a little bit gross and besides sushi and hamburgers I don't really enjoying having meat on my plate and I live of veggies, dairy and carbs (and sugar). No need to say I loved the restaurant, everything there looked so natural and cute in a very simple way, all tables had a vase with beautiful natural flowers and the environment there was really peaceful. I had a plate full of grains and healthy things and an organic Guaraná. In case you don't know Guaraná is a popular brazilian soft drink made of an Amazonian berry called guaraná. For dessert we had organic sundaes. Everything was super yummy and I totally want to go back there someday!

Excuse my make-upless, tired face.

Healthy food and organic Guaraná!
Beautiful organic sundaes!
They also had a koi fish mini lake and a small store with hippie clothes. It was pouring so I was wearing a hood. Gosh we look so tired :/
Can't wait for my boyfriend to send news from Japan, bet he is going to have a great time there. I already miss him a lot!

Thank You
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