Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All my new cosmetics from Japan ♡

Thought I would start my new series of posts with something almost every girl loves: make-up. Initially I was going to post just about my new japanese make-up but why not show all the cosmetics? Once I get to try I'll review each of them. but here's a overview:

(Click on the picture to enlarge)
The Majolica Majorca and Canmake items can be found on eBay and I always wanted them, but since Korean make-up was just as cool and a lot cheaper I never really purchased japanese make-up online.

- Majolica Majorca

Some of the pictures of this post, like this one, ended up crappy, I apologize.

Lash King mascara, which is very popular among Asian girls on Instagram, face powder and Puff de Cheek macaron blushes in Apricot and Peach (the color of the peach one is amazing).
A better look on Lash King:

- Dolly Wink

Fake lashes, fake eyelash glue and liquid eyeliner pen, heard only good about all the three and I have high expectations on the glue since I suck on putting eyelashes on.

- Canmake

Creamy blush, pink brush, High Cover powder and Clear mascara for eyebrow purposes. Picture of them unpacked:

 - Circle Lens and eye drops

 I'm pretty sure both lenses last only a month, they come with one pair only, I picked a green and a purple color. The eyedrops are from Rohto and the lenses case from Daiso.

- Nail stuff

Nail files and nail polish duo from Daiso and Sailor Moon nail wraps bought at Kiddyland Harajuku:

- Tweezer and cosmetics scissors

My Melody tweezer bought at Sanrio store and I'm not sure where the scissors are from, My boyfriend chose both of them as well as this cherry blossom flavored lip balm from Kyoto:

- Wet tissues, cotton swabs and oil blotting paper

Hello Kitty wet tissues, pink cotton swabs and Hello Kitty oil blotting paper from Daiso. My Melody mini refresh sheets from Kiddyland.

- Cath Kidston and Yankee Candle

Cath Kidston shower gift set smells amazing, Soft Blanket Yankee Candle, cherry blossom scented sachets and macaron bath bomb that I'm not sure where my boyfriend got.

My Melody and Little Twin Stars solid perfume with rose scented that I think are also from Kiddyland.

- Kawaii band-aids

Rilakkum band-aids with glitter, Creamy Mami, Little Twin Stars and My Melody, the last three all from Kiddyland.

That's all! I apologize for the low quality of the pictures I hope I'll have a better camera to use soon :/

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My first Lolita outfit and updates ♡

 Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I last posted but now I have way too many things to talk about! Last Saturday I met my boyfriend who I was in Japan for a month, it was really nice to have him back since I missed him way too much. We went to a smoothie bar together and then came to my house to open the two suitcases worth of japanese goods he brought me. Some of the things I asked him to bring and some he picked himself I thought it was really cute the criteria he used to choose stuff for me. I'm not lucky for having him, I'm blessed :) and this has nothing to do with stuff he brings from Japan or the fact he's handsome, it's because of his kindness and good care he takes of me.
We made such a mess opening all the stuff, the things I was expecting the most were the Lolita clothes of course but until I got to them I had a lot of fun looking through the suitcases and finding little things that were in my wishlist since forever as well as things that I didn't even imagine but my boyfriend found for me. He had such a patience shopping, packing it all and bringing all the way to Brazil from the opposite side of the world, I can't thank him enough. And yes, I think we exagerated, after opening both suitcases and taking all the content from them we laid all the stuff on my bed but couldn't even put everything on because that was no room. Some of you probably saw on Instagram but the majority of the things are in this picture:

Although it was way too much stuff we took in consideration the opportunity since Japan is 26 hours away from Brazil it's very expensive to go there and we have no idea if and when we'll be able to go. With that in mind he brought me Japanese snacks, cosmetics, clothes, magazines and stationery, A LOT of stationery which is for sure the kind of stuff he got the most. I actually had to buy a cupboard only to store the new letter sets, notebooks, washi tapes, etc.
The stores he went to buy all that stuff were: Daiso (because even though we have three Daisos in Brazil they cost 3x more than Japan's stores and don't have nearly as many cool things as in Japan), Matsumoto Kyoshi  (for make-up), Don Quijote, Loft (stationery), Tokyu Hands (stationery and crafts), Kiddyland (Sanrio and San-x), Sanrio, Swimmer, Angelic Pretty, Closet Child (for 2nd hand lolita clothing), Bodyline (for cheap but new lolita clothing and shoes), Liz Lisa, Claire's JP (which is waaay cooler than the American stores), Paris Kids and others.

Last Sunday I was invited to go to a Lolita meeting, it was my first meeting and first time wearing lolita. This is what I wore:

I didn't really like this picture because my head looks too big for my body here :(
The meeting was ok, I was shy because I didn't really know anyone I'm looking forward to my next meeting which is going to happen in about two weeks, it's going to be somewhat of a swap meeting and I hope I'll get to get some new blouses and lolita socks. I later posted a picture with details of my first outfit on Instagram:

Beret: off-brand
Bow pin: Laundry
Blouse: Zara
Tights: off-brand
Shoes: Bodyline
Bear bag: Angelic Pretty
Bow ring: Chocomint
Donut ring: Angelic Pretty
Heart ring: Angelic Pretty

Overall I did like my first outfit, the points I didn't like were: the skirt being too short, the tights being to sheer since the skirt was short and the bag which doesn't match perfectly. I already bought thicker white tights yesterday but I still have to buy a pink bag! Also I would like to thank all the girls who complimented my first outfit on Instagram it made me feel more confident about it and I hope to improve in the future

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Closet Child experience Part 2: Shinjuku ♡

Hi everyone! On yesterday's post I told you guys how disappointed I was about Closet Child Harajuku. Today my boyfriend went to the Shinjuku store hoping he would find the perfect dress for me! Yesterday he also went to Angelic Pretty at Laforet and got me some accessories that I can't wait to show you!
I'm very happy to say our Closet Child Shinjuku experience went a lot better.
First of all, they had wi-fi and pictures were allowed. My boyfriend was able to talk to me and send me pictures of everything as he shopped. On the very first pictures he took I spotted a very beautiful print from one of the dresses I wanted, the funny thing is that yesterday when he went to the AP's store he got me the bag that matches the dress. I decided to take a look on the other dresses before because this one I liked at first was very expensive, the same price of a new one!
I couldn't find any other dress I liked as much as the first one I saw, but I did find a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright skirt and he got me both the dress and the skirt and I'm so, sooo happy!
Closet Child Shinjuku seems to be very small but I saw a lot of good things there including a Chess Chocolate JSK and a Sugary Carnival skirt in sax, not my favorites but I know some girls would freak out finding those!
I'm still going to keep the dresses I got a secret until I get them! But let me show you the BTSSB skirt at least because I'm so excited!

Sweet Cream Strawberry Days!
Sooo pretty! The JSK version of Strawberry Days in pink and black was on my wishlist! But the pink and pink is also beautiful! Ever since I saw Misako Aoki wearing this print I felt in love with it. It's funny because from a 25+ dress wishlist only three were Baby! I like Angelic Pretty the best but I ended up getting more Baby like yesterday's JSK which is also super cute.

That's it! I totally recommend Closet Child Shinjuku specially if someone is shopping for you and you can't be there to choose! I'm very happy with every brand I own now and I can't wait to wear Lolita for the first time!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

My Closet Child Harajuku experience and 1st Lolita brand dress ♡

Hello everyone, so as some of you might know my boyfriend is currently in Japan. As I write this post he's doing me the huge favor to hunt lolita items for me right now.
He's been in Japan for two weeks now and the thing I was expecting the most was his visit to Closet Child Harajuku! Turns out it was a quite disappointing experience that just happened.
I was hoping for a Honey Cake or a Day Dream Carnival and I gave him a list of over 20 different prints including Milky Berry, Misty Sky,Toy March and even not so ''rare'' ones like Cherry Berry Bunny and Wonder Party.
I've been dreaming about Angelic Pretty dresses for so long and I've never even seen one in person. Turns out he found only one of the dresses I wanted, it was definitely not on the top 15 prints but I thought it was a pretty cute dress that I think really suits the style I wanna go for. And...
It's not from Angelic Pretty. I wanna keep as a surprise until the dress gets here but all I can say is from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright!           
I was so disappointed when he came to me saying that he didn't find any of the Angelic Pretty dresses there but very relieved at the same time because he found this Baby's one!
He might still hit Closet Child Shinjuku and I hope we are luckier if he does!
I would tell him to get a dress at the oficial Angelic Pretty store even for up to 24000 yen because its something I really want, but the prints they currently have there I don't like any of them, not even a bit. Fantasy Theater, Melody Toys, Dreamy Girl?? No thanks. Not for 10000 and definitely not for 24000+.
Anyway this post is actually to warn you guys about Closet Child Harajuku!

My expectation:
My boyfriend would get there and connect on wi-fi so we could talk, he would send me pictures of everything, the attendants would speak at least some English and give him proper attention. He would leave there with at least two dresses from my wishlist.

There's no wi-fi at Closet Child Harajuku, you are not allowed to take pictures, the attendants are rude and don't speak any English at all. From the shaky pictures my boyfriend managed to take (hidden) all I saw were Fantastic Dollies, Fancy Paper Dolls and Toy Fantasies. I actually wanted to cry. If you're wondering what taste I have for lolita you can check my dream dress list.

I just wanted to share this experience with you guys in case you were planning to do the same. If a friend is going to Japan and you want them to go to Closet Child Harajuku for you just try not keeping your expectations as high as I did. I also got some stuff from Bodyline because as you know I'm only starting in lolita fashion and I have to buy everything so for now I can't afford buying brand only. Also if you are traveling to Japan and want to buy shoes at Bodyline physical store I hope you have small feet, I'm a US 8,5 and it was already a pain for me to have my boyfriend find suitable shoes, can't imagine girls who have bigger feet :(

That's it I hope this post will be somewhat helpful to you guys and I can't wait to show you my first brand dress ever!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finally the Nintendo 3DS is here ♡

Everyone who knows me is so glad that I finally got this thing because for an entire year I wouldn't shut up about how much I wanted a Nintendo 3DS. This console was the 1st item on my wishlist and it was such a struggle to get it.
First things first, I couldn't buy it in Brazil, things here are crazy expensive, all imported itens cost: original price + 60% of taxes + profit of the seller. And here you have your final price. And this is for everything excluding books and magazines. So a Nintendo 3DS here costs at least 2x more expensive than in the U.S.
When me and my boyfriend were on trip in Uruguay in January we bought a DSi XL, I did like the console though it was outdated but when I found out I couldn't play Animal Crossing New Leaf on that thing I just promptly decide to sell it and so I did.
Finally my father went to NYC and I asked him to bring me the 3DS XL, he couldn't find it but a friend who was staying longer said he would bring it but didn't say when. And here we are up to 1 month later. I was very disappointed at first because I was expecting this:

I didn't get the 3DS XL, here's what I got:

The Nintendogs + Cats game was actually a present from my boyfriend and it features my favorite breed Golden Retriever!

At first I was "Meh this is not the one I wanted" but 1 hour later I was like "Let's just be thankful for what we have" and now I pretty happy with the 3DS. I can't wait to get Animal Crossing New Leaf!

Of course I had to hang my new Little Twin Stars Charm first! But I also have the spoon and heart-shaped macaron ones for when I feel like changing ♡

Overall I'm really happy with my 3DS even though is not the one I originally wanted I think this one is also pretty cute :3

Also my boyfriend has been sending me regular updates from Japan and is safe to say I'm a halfway to lolitahood now! I even own a petticoat ^o^
He got me more magazines ♡ This is the most beautiful Gothic and Lolita Bible cover ever! And the Liz Lisa mook:

I'm very excited to go through those magazines! I'll probably take pictures of the insides when they get here ^^

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Letter from my penpal and new things ♡

Yesterday I received a letter from my australian penpal Ashley, if you don't follow her on Instagram do it because she is one of the most kawaii girls I've ever seen and I've been  following her since forever. Not to mention she's such a sweetheart. Here's what she sent me:

So by this point you all know that I'm huge Little Twin Stars fan! Along with Korilakkuma they're my favorite kawaii characters. Ashley packed everything LTS themed it was so kind of her, she also sent strawberry and Little Twin Stars stickers. Maybe not all of you know but I collect strawberry themed stuff as well ^o^. And of course she wrote me a cute letter. I won't reply her just yet because I want to send some stuff from Japan so I'll wait until my boyfriend gets back. Speaking of my boyfriends he's been sending me pictures from japanese stores, I posted this one on Instagram and everyone died with me:

Rikakkuma overload!
Along with Ashley's letter I also received some small purchases. Stationery and cabochons! Yep, again and more is yet to arrive!

Now I have a drawer full of them! Can't wait to start crafting things!
Hello Kitty mechanical pencils! The red one is a present for someone!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

My first wig and new things ♡

Hello everyone! I'm very excited to say that today my first wig ever arrived. I'm both happy and disappointed I'll explain why. Here's the wig I ordered:

I thought the wig would be a brownish purple color, very soft and natural and the bangs would have a ''curve'' if you know what I mean. And this is what I received:

The wig I received is auburn brown, shiny and not soft. I know I'm not experienced on buying wigs but isn't the color way to different from the seller's picture? Am I crazy? I'm excited because it's my first wig but at the same time I'm very disappointed specially with the color. The bangs are very straight and don't make the soft curve I expected. Along with the wig I ordered a pink beret. I decided I'll be the hat type of lolita instead of a headbow one.

I love the beret. Instead of getting a felt one I got one that looks like fake cashmere which I think gives a more expensive look to the piece I also added a white bow brooch for a final touch. I love the shade of pink of this is just perfect ♡
Here are some pictures of me wearing both the wig and the beret:

One step closer to become a lolita! I also ordered some heart white tights:

What do you guys think? Should I e-mail the seller complaining about the wig's color? I really have no experience with this! Anyway glad it's already here because I have a meeting next month and sometimes things take up to 60 days to arrive in Brazil!