Saturday, April 5, 2014

Letter from my penpal and new things ♡

Yesterday I received a letter from my australian penpal Ashley, if you don't follow her on Instagram do it because she is one of the most kawaii girls I've ever seen and I've been  following her since forever. Not to mention she's such a sweetheart. Here's what she sent me:

So by this point you all know that I'm huge Little Twin Stars fan! Along with Korilakkuma they're my favorite kawaii characters. Ashley packed everything LTS themed it was so kind of her, she also sent strawberry and Little Twin Stars stickers. Maybe not all of you know but I collect strawberry themed stuff as well ^o^. And of course she wrote me a cute letter. I won't reply her just yet because I want to send some stuff from Japan so I'll wait until my boyfriend gets back. Speaking of my boyfriends he's been sending me pictures from japanese stores, I posted this one on Instagram and everyone died with me:

Rikakkuma overload!
Along with Ashley's letter I also received some small purchases. Stationery and cabochons! Yep, again and more is yet to arrive!

Now I have a drawer full of them! Can't wait to start crafting things!
Hello Kitty mechanical pencils! The red one is a present for someone!

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Thank You for reading and
Have a nice weekend! 

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