Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Closet Child experience Part 2: Shinjuku ♡

Hi everyone! On yesterday's post I told you guys how disappointed I was about Closet Child Harajuku. Today my boyfriend went to the Shinjuku store hoping he would find the perfect dress for me! Yesterday he also went to Angelic Pretty at Laforet and got me some accessories that I can't wait to show you!
I'm very happy to say our Closet Child Shinjuku experience went a lot better.
First of all, they had wi-fi and pictures were allowed. My boyfriend was able to talk to me and send me pictures of everything as he shopped. On the very first pictures he took I spotted a very beautiful print from one of the dresses I wanted, the funny thing is that yesterday when he went to the AP's store he got me the bag that matches the dress. I decided to take a look on the other dresses before because this one I liked at first was very expensive, the same price of a new one!
I couldn't find any other dress I liked as much as the first one I saw, but I did find a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright skirt and he got me both the dress and the skirt and I'm so, sooo happy!
Closet Child Shinjuku seems to be very small but I saw a lot of good things there including a Chess Chocolate JSK and a Sugary Carnival skirt in sax, not my favorites but I know some girls would freak out finding those!
I'm still going to keep the dresses I got a secret until I get them! But let me show you the BTSSB skirt at least because I'm so excited!

Sweet Cream Strawberry Days!
Sooo pretty! The JSK version of Strawberry Days in pink and black was on my wishlist! But the pink and pink is also beautiful! Ever since I saw Misako Aoki wearing this print I felt in love with it. It's funny because from a 25+ dress wishlist only three were Baby! I like Angelic Pretty the best but I ended up getting more Baby like yesterday's JSK which is also super cute.

That's it! I totally recommend Closet Child Shinjuku specially if someone is shopping for you and you can't be there to choose! I'm very happy with every brand I own now and I can't wait to wear Lolita for the first time!

Thank You for reading!

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