Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tokyo Disney Sakura tea, new mugs and Studio Ghibli merchandising ♡

Hello everyone! I tried my Tokyo Disney tea set a couple days ago and thought I should post about it. This tea set was the souvernir my boyfriend picked for me when he went to Tokyo Disney Sea:

The set comes with a little pot with green tea inside, a spoon and a box with sakura green tea, all the contents are very detailed and high quality.

The artwork is super detailed and pretty.
The green tea comes inside the tin.
The sakura tea comes in the box.
The spoon is also Minnie and cherry blossom themed.

It was very thoughtful of my boyfriend to choose this item since I'm a big tea enthusiast. So I decided to try the sakura tea, I didn't expect it to come in little bags and I thought the spoon that comes with the set was sort of a measuring spoon but nope:

Unfortunately the tea tasted pretty much like plain green tea and I couldn't taste any sakura at all, but since I'm not sure what sakura tea tastes like I can't give a solid opinion.

I also liked the extra lid the tin has to better preserve the tea.

From the Ghibli Museum I got the cutest stuff ever, Kiki's Delivery Service is my favorite movie of Ghibli's so I was sure expecting some Jiji ♡

Cutest thing ever ♡

Little tin I'm using to store tea.

Inside the little tin I put the tea my boyfriend brought from Japan, just random teabags he collected while there.

And finally the Totoro mug and some other mugs from Japan ( I forgot to add a Daiso one so I'll edit the post later with it's picture) :

The cherry mug from Swimmer I chose from their website it was love at the first sight and my boyfriend also bought me the saucer which I wasn't expecting but really loved.

The My Melody one is from Kiddyland and came with a nice box I'm using to store letter sets ♡

That's it! You can also check the other items from my tea and mug collections here. Please comment telling me your favorite tea flavors and infusions.

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Last weekend, Lolita outfit and 3 Bazar J-Fashion ♡

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I've been extremely busy and tired for the past few days. I started studying for college appliance again and my routine has become very tiring and overwhelming. Also I didn't get any time at all for doing things I like during the week, yep, no TV series, no Instagram and no blogging. Before I get to late behind let's talk about last weekend which had so much fun and enjoyable events. Friday my boyfriend took me to see Disney on Ice, which is pretty much a Disney musical play with ice skating! It was so fun and beautiful and the ice skating skills of the cast really amazed my eyes. I got to take some pictures but the distance, lighting and Iphone 4 combo didn't help :/

The show featured Mickey, Miney, Daisy and Donald Duck traveling to different parts of the world, the savannah, Hawaii and London and the Lion King, Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch and Peter Pan stories.

On Saturday we went to an ice cream shop called Frida & Mina for the first time, it's a shop that produces their own ice cream cones, I mean not only the ice cream but the actual cones. If you live in Sao Paulo I highly recommend that you visit this shop, which is in Pinheiros.

I thought their flavor options were very sophisticated and season appropriated since it's fall here in Brazil. My boyfriend got Honey and Ginger gelato and I got Crunchy Macadamia.

Finally on Sunday we headed to the 3 J-Fashion Bazar, an event when our local Lolita community has the chance to trade, sell and buy items. For this occasion I prepared some of my handmade accessories such as rings, bracelets and hair clips. There were so many girls (and a few boys) there but we managed to set a little display. My boyfriend also brought some Little Twin Stars merchandising from Japan so we could re-sell, the brazilian Daiso stores in Brazil do not stock Sanrio merchandising so it was a good opportunity.

Boyfriend taking care of business.
My outfit for the bazar was inspired by girl scouts. I was wearing my off-white beret and a single braid, it was also my first time ever wearing circle lenses. I forgot to take a picture of myself wearing the outfit but here's what I wore:

Blouse: Bodyline
Skirt: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Watch: Swimmer
Accessories: handmade and Paris Kids

I made some cookie rings to go with my girl scout theme. I ended up really liking the outfit but I still wanna try it again with different accessories and a brown beret.
The Bazar was really fun and I got to meet many lovely girls. I sold some stuff I made as well as a Liz Lisa dress but didn't buy anything and still ended up with a skirt and a headband! The skirt I traded for some make-up items and the headband I won from one of the many giveaways! Funny thing that the headband was also from the girl who traded the skirt with me:

The skirt is white with pink flowers and has a lace detail and waist ties, it's to short for Lolita but I think will go well with my Liz Lisa tops, the headband is really cute and I felt really lucky to win it.
I'd like to thank all the girls who bought my products again, I still have many in stock so don't hesitate to contact me on Facebook if you still want some of them :)

This weekend wasn't nearly as fun as last weekend it was basically just studying and being stuck on traffic but I hope next weekend will have a lot more fun things to post about ♡

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Okashi: Snacks from Japan ♡


Today I'll talk about food, something everyone loves. The bad thing about bringing food from a trip is that eventually you'll eat it all and maybe you'll never be able to get some of the things again. Food is a sensitive subject for me, as some of you might know I used to live in the U.S, it was over my senior year in high school, 4 years ago, I frequently get homesick (not-actual-home-homesick) and start remembering the taste of the favorite things I used to eat there and never NEVER got to eat ever again and this makes me way too sad.
In January I went to Uruguay with my boyfriend and it's pretty frustrating that some of the foreign snacks we got there we are very unlikely to find again :/
And even though we do have an Asian district in my city, with several grocery stores full of Asian stuff we don't get every single Japanese snack ever, sometimes you buy something there and they never stock this something again. So when I put together all the crazy, exotic, yummy tasting snacks my boyfriend brought from Japan and looked at them I thought "Just try not getting too attached".
Having tried a lot of those snacks already it's safe to say: it's too late, I already miss them.

The thing I miss about the U.S and love about Japan is the ridiculous variety of flavors and options we can only dream of here in Brazil, here we only have two flavors of Fanta (grape and orange), Kit Kat? The most exotic you'll find is peanut butter while in Japan the flavors range from strawberry to wasabi.

- Candy
If there's one thing I love and cherish in this life it is a good dose of sugar, I don't think I ever spent a day in my life without eating at least one sweet.

Along with Jelly Beans gummy candy is my favorite, I bet my boyfriend picked this Pokémon gummies because the packing features Sylveon ♡. I already tried the raspeberry and Fruit Stars ones too, the raspeberry is hard to describe but Fruit Stars is a lot like Swedish Fish (which can't be found anywhere in Brazil and I miss way too much) but star shaped and strawberry flavored. The Pokémon ones are nothing exotic just pineapple, grape and peach flavored gummies.

Heart shaped fruit gummies covered in very sour sugar, I tried peach, apple and soda, grape, lemon and the collagen one (the one with the bigger packing) which so far is my favorite. I love sour candy so I found the Puré Gummy range quite enjoyable but if you're not into sour tangy things I wouldn't recommend those.

Chupa Chups are my favorite lollipops. Here in Brazil if you are lucky you can find 4 flavours: orange, cherry, strawberry and strawberry milk. When I went to Uruguay I got a special box with "rare" flavors that included Watermelon, Lemon and Green Apple, so when I got these japanese ones I freaked out: Royal Milk Tea, Cola, Ramune, Matcha Frappé, Pineapple, Caramel and I'm not sure if the last one is pudding or some kinds of ice cream cone you tell me:

(Click to enlarge)
The Royal Milk Tea tasted just like plain milk, the ice cream one tasted like chocolate, and the other ones tasted like you would expect them to taste, my favorite was the pineapple one but I haven't tried the Matcha Frappé one yet.

- Chocolate and cookies
I'm not a big fan of chocolate on it's own, but chocolate with something else is a whole another thing. My favorite chocolate ever is Daim from Sweden which obviously can't be found in Brazil, at least we can find the Milka Daim version even if over priced. Chocolate goods from Japan so far were amazing, I can't wait to try more.

Strawberry, Green Tea, Orange, Wasabi and Cinnamon Cookie Kit Kats.
I love Kit Kat, the regular one, because this is the one we can get here. The exotic japanese ones were even better. I tried matcha (green tea), strawberry, wasabi and this one that tastes like a cinnamon cookie, they were all great but I have to pick wasabi and green tea as favorites.

Pocky is probably the most famous okashi ever, it's sooo over priced in Brazil that I always buy Korean Pepero instead. I tried the Snoopy ones and the Green Tea one. The Snoopy one in the blue box has crumbs of chocolate cookies attached to the pretzel stick. My favorite so far is the Green Tea one, I love matcha flavored things and they are rare in Brazil.

I bet my life that my boyfriend got me this because of the cute packing. The bunny one are chocolate covered corn puffs, the panda one is the only one I tried and it's popcorn covered in dark chocolate and the koala one are raisins covered in chocolate.

This picture features two of my favorites: raspeberry mini Oreos and chocolate covered mochis, they both were soooo good, I still have some left and I fighting hard the urge to eat them in one bite. The Tokyo Banana is a soft banana flavored cake with yummy banana cream inside, it's pretty good I have to agree but I don't understand the whole hype about it.

Cone shaped strawberry and chocolate flavored things that I haven't tried yet. You probably see this Meiji cone chocolate all the time at your local Asian market but I haven't seen this at mine in a long while.

Dried strawberry covered in white chocolate from Muji which was pretty good, picture that I posted on Instagram hence it's edited.

- Things that are not sweet
I do love sweets but that doesn't mean salty snacks are less craved. Most of them are already over, gone, gone forever.

The only one I haven't eaten yet is the yellow tube of rice crackers but about the rest of them...Potato snack in a funny shape: too good. Cup with little vegetable flavored potato sticks: way too good. Soy sauce flavored Pretz: really good. Rice crackers in the green packing: too salty. Potato snacks in yellow packing: pretty good, tasted like barbecue. Snacks that look like uncooked noodles: good too. The potato in a cup is my favorite, it's awesome everyone should try it.

Furikake (rice seasoning) and cute anime packing curry. The hype on the pink packing furikake is that it actually has little flowers:

- Drinks
 I was so excited to try Melon Fanta, ever since I was a kid I heard the posh Asian kids in school talking about it. I haven't tried just yet but once I do I'll let you guys know what I think on Instagram.

Melon Fanta, Pear Fanta, Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma water bottles and juice that comes in a sachet. I tried the Pear Fanta and it's pretty good, the water bottles were bought purely and only for the packing since they are reusable.

Peach Juice from Minute Maid that looks yummy I want to try this but packing is so cute that I don't wanna ruin it ♡ . If you notice the blue cat is drinking the juice creating a inception '-'
I guess that's all, please comment telling me your favorite foreign snacks that you can't easily get where you live ♡

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