Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekend and another Lolita contest! ♡

Hello everyone! On Saturday my boyfriend and I took a walk to visit a recently opened ice cream place. Yes, another ice cream shop I know, it might be an addiction. This one is called Dri Dri and they make their own waffle cones. The price was reasonable and I intend to go back sometime. They didn't have many flavor options which was a negative point for me, I almost always get fruity flavors and that day they didn't have any available, the shop usually has about 4 fruit flavors which is really nothing much. Anyway we got pistachio and biscuit gelato, the biscuit one was too good so I would go back for that flavor for sure!

The biscuit ice cream is the top one, it didn't taste like cookies, it tasted something like gingerbread, with cinnamon, hard to explain :/ but one of the best ice creams I've tried and I'm kind off picky.
We then went to the new Lush Spa, the flagship store in Brazil. We used to have Lush here about five years ago and then they closed and until a couple months ago we didn't have Lush anymore in the country. I was excited to see the store and hoping to purchase the Bubblegum Lip Scrub that so many girls on Instagram recommend but when I got there it was a big disappointment to find out that the prices were so absurd, the products here cost twice the price I saw on the UK website, so unfair, the lip scrub was about 18 USD (R$41,00).

The bath bombs were not so expensive like the other products (still cost much more than in the UK) but since I don't have a bath tube I can't use them :/
On our way back home we saw a Los Paleteros store opened in the neighborhood so we had to stop by! Los Paleteros is a popsicle shop that sells ''paletas mexicanas'' (mexican popsicle) when my boyfriend and I first tried those popsicles they didn't even exist in my city yet, it was during our trip in the South of Brazil last January. We instantly fell in love with the natural fruit popsicles filled with condensed milk, it is the best thing ever and everyone needs to try.

Los Paleteros is pretty good and they have a good range of flavors but "La Neveria" in Florianopolis is still the best mexican popsicle shop I've ever been. There's also "Me Gusta" around here. I recommend all three although only La Neveria has the blackberry + condensed milk flavor (my favorite).
Last stop: fancy grocery store just to buy some juice and rice crackers and look at the beautiful cakes, which were crazy expensive by the way:

During the World Cup I met an American couple and they were telling me how shocked they were by how everything is crazy nuts ridiculously expensive in Brazil. What's even worse is that most brazilians don't have good salaries, for example, back the time I was working on retail I would have to work two days to afford one of those cakes in the picture above. Luck for me I'm really good at finding good things for a reasonable price even though they are somewhat rare. So if you are brazilian or if you happen to come here someday you'll know the places that are worth your visit and your money. Next time I travel I hope to get tips from my readers too ^^

On Sunday we went to Anime Friends (the most important annual anime event here), even though we already had our tickets we had to wait in the biggest line ever, it was cold as hell and raining and I almost missed the contest I was going to participate. After about an hour and a half in the line and already late for the contest I got to speak with a staff member who let me in. I got in the place where the contest was going to happen just in time, I'm really unsure if I'd have been able to participate if I had to stay in the line until God knows when, that made me really pissed off not to mention the rain was ruining my outfit >.<
The Ribbon Fashion Contest happens once a year in December, during the year Lolitas from all parts of Brazil go to the anime events were the judges pick the 10 girls who will be in the big final in December, since Anime Friends is a big event there would be three winners and those three would join seven other on the final. I'm not sure if I explained well but I hope you get it :/
In the final there will also be three winners and those winners will get brand items as a prize (last year the 1st place got a BTSSB jsk and some other things and the 2nd place got a Usakumya rucksack and the 3rd place got a little something from Baby too).
Anyway, as you guys already know I've been wearing Lolita for three months now and I don't have a complete wardrobe yet, I decided to wear my Sweet Cream Strawberry Days skirt by Baby with brown acessories, it was going to be just fine if I had a brown lolita bag, and since I don't, I had to use an off-brand bag which is not very loliable and made my outfit look somewhat casual and I felt very insecure about it, before entering the stage I debated with myself whether I should take the bag with me or not and I'm glad I ended up taking it with me. I was also a little unsure about my skirt since I felt that if I was wearing a dress I would have more chances.
Anyways, I tried my best with the things I had in my wardrobe, tried to be creative and I wish I had taken better pictures of my outfit to show you guys but I suck at doing so...

Before leaving home my boyfriend took a polaroid. Here are the accessories I wore:

I wore a brown beret and my purpleish brown wig (which I cut shorter) with the bigger brown bow above on my head. The velvet ribbon is from my Sweet Cream House JSK and I used on my blouses collar.

Picture I took with some other lolitas. I was really tired and with dark circles so my face was terrible.

I wore my brown tea party shoes, with off white frilly socks and very light pink tights. And to make my ordinary handbag more Lolita I hung a pink pompom and a strawberry tart charm.

I don't have a good head-to-toe picture but they took many pictures of us there during the contest and eventually I'll find them online and post here! My boyfriend, who was watching, took pictures with his iPad, they didn't turn out that good but I'll post them here anyway :/. Eight girls participated and I was the 4th one to enter the stage, the judges asked me a few questions. It's funny because I don't tend to get nervous being in front of a lot of people, I was pretty calm but I didn't know what to answer when they asked me "Why not other cute japanese fashion, like fairy kei for example?" and I was like "Errr... I dunno '-' ". I have to say that this contest was way better organized then the other one I participated. Shortly after all girls showed their outfits to the judges they called us all on stage to announce the winners who would be participating on the final in December. I was so happy when they called my name in 3rd place, so happy that even though I didn't have a proper bag, even though it was only my 4th time wearing Lolita I managed to get a place to the final!! They announced the 2nd place and they said a ''surprise person'' was going to give the 1st place her award and then Miku from An Cafe entered the stage and gave the girl her 1st place award. Everyone went crazy, I know An Cafe, and although I don't like J-music I thought it was really nice of him to go there to see the brazilian lolitas and everything, he was really nice to us and said that we were so cute that he wish he could take us to Japan with him hahaha :)
Now I have to plan a perfect outfit and hope I'll win 1st place in December, the 10 best lolitas will be there and I know it won't be easy.
Everytime I wear a new outfit I point out the things I would like to improve. For this outfit like I said, I wish I had a brown lolita bag and I wish I had put more effort on my make-up, I don't know why but my make-up wasn't very nice that day :/

Bad face day :p
 Besides that I'm really happy with the outfit and I even got an award too:

Here are the pictures my boyfriend took with his iPad, hopefully I'll get the official pictures soon:

Randomly found this one on Facebook.
That's it guys! Unfortunately this is my last week of vacation, I'll have to go back to my study routine pretty soon so I won't be able to post as often as I've been posting lately, I'll try my best to post once a week and keep you guys updated through the 30 day Lolita challenge, the weekend posts (although I won't be doing much besides studying from now on) and my little hauls. Please keep supporting me and thank you very much for your visits and comments ♡

♡Have a great 2nd semester ♡
♡ Audrey ♡


  1. Congratulations for third place! I'm cheering for you in the finals!

    1. Thank You ;-; I'm so happy to hear that <333 Hopefully I'll do well :)