Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weekend and letter from my penpal ♡

Hi everybody! I have a lot of random things to talk about today. I stayed in school for almost 12 straight hours and came home very tired but I received some very late mail which made me both happy and relieved.
A few months ago I ordered three new berets to wear with Lolita, I'm glad at least two made their way to my address. I was really needing a brown beret since pink and brown are the "base" of my Lolita wardrobe. I also got a black one to match my Sugary Carnival bag, I might invest in black for Lolita in the future I saw a couple of good deals in this color on our local sales group that I hope I'll still have the chance to buy, yep, I'm talking about brand for a reasonable price without the fear of being taxed or worst.

A pair of frilly ankle socks arrived too, the beret that didn't make it was beige. And I have no more Lolita items yet to arrive :\ I still have to buy so many things to build a better wardrobe not to mention that my petticoat has started to die :(. I do want new dresses but now the emergency are new handbags, blouses and socks.

Another something I got from the mail today was my penpal's (Keely from Canada) letter. Her previous letter got lost so she was kind enough to send me a new letter again.

She sent me some super cute stuff with her letter such as candy *o*, stickers and a super cute washi tape.

I love everything and she also sent me a HaeNuLi postcard! You can check Keely's Instagram here she posts super pretty pictures and she also has a blog. I already put some cute stuff together to send her and I'm writing the letter right after I finish this post. If you want to know more about penpals and snail mail in general you can check this post.

So I guess you all know the World Cup in being held in my country (Brazil) so the weekends (and even some weekdays) have been all about soccer matches. Although I do think the WC is pretty fun I have some controversial political views about it taking place in Brazil. Anyway, my boyfriend bought tickets for two games which led us to go see a match in Rio de Janeiro, I'll post more about it after we go to the second match in Brasilia. Pretty much every weekend has been about the World Cup since it started but last weekend me and my boyfriend got to do some fun things.
We went to a Yayoi Kusama exhibition just like everyone else in our city, I mean practically everyone I know posted about it on Facebook. We went on the last day and had about 10 minutes to look at the installations it was so frustrating I barely got any pictures besides the ones of "The Beautiful Room". The room was a dark mirrored room with little lights that kept changing colors. Besides the crowd inside the room it had a very calm and peaceful feel in it that I loved. So I took a billion pictures of all the color light schemes.

It would be so perfect to go alone into that room. Unfortunately I wasn't nearly the only one so amazed about it.

Other interesting installation at the exhibition was another mirrored room with those white red dotted "plushies" attached to the floor. Can you believe that each group had only 20 seconds to go inside the room and look?

Okay, enough of weird Japanese art let's talk about food. After the exhibition we went to an Eastern European restaurant which was a new experience to me, on Saturday my parents we're having a pizza night and on Sunday I made salmon with mushrooms for my boyfriend.

Polish cabbage and mashed potato dish, very different taste but I did approve it.

Veggies for me and pepperoni bacon for my boyfriend.
But to me the highlight of the weekend was visiting a new ice cream place! It's going to be the 4th ice cream shop I talk about here on my blog. For those who live in, say, the U.S it won't be anything impressive. But if you are in Brazil you gotta visit the one and only Cold Stone we got in São Paulo. I had Cold Stone only once back when I lived in the U.S I had totally forgot how yummy their ice cream was.

I definitely recommend going for one of their "Signature Creations" which consist of ice cream with somethings else mixed to it because that's what makes Cold Stone special, if I wanted plain ice cream I would go to Bacio di Latte. We tried Strawberry Banana Rendezvous and it was amazing *u*.

I'd say that compared to high quality brazilian ice cream places, like Bacio di Latte, Cold Stone Brazil is quite pricey but totally worth a visit or two, or three or fifty.

Thank You
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  1. Wow the frilly socks are very cute and your lucky to have such a brilliant pen pal xxx

    1. Thank you I'm very excited to wear the frilly socks next time I wear Lolita :3 Thank you for stopping by my blog ^o^

  2. Quais aplicativos pra foto você usa ?
    Lindo o post *-*