Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend trips ♡

 (Disclaimer: this post has non-kawaii contents, feel free to read or not)

It's over, the Brazil 2014 World Cup is over, now time to all the foreign guests go back to their home countries and let the hosts clean up the mess. I won't get too deep into the World Cup subject because 1: it's complicated because my political views blablabla 2: soccer/football is not cute u.u
But I can't refrain myself of mentioning a few things about it, because someone needs to give a sensible point of view, I'll be brief:
- I wish Netherlands had won, because they never did before but they got close many times
- I think Germany deserved to win, congratulations Germany
- Brazilian people need to stop acting childish towards argentinians and the argentinians need to stop responding to those childish provacations
- Brazilian people should start having some manners and learn how to show respect for other countries (before any annoying brazilian come bash me let me add: I was born and raised in Brazil so I shall have the right to say whatever da fuk I want about my own country and people)
- Fanaticism towards about anything is as cute as wearing a orange pair of Crocs

Anyway, my boyfriend is a big fan of soccer and he bought tickets for us to watch a couple games. The first one happened in Rio de Janeiro, it was Belgium against Russia. All I can say is that I've never seen so many tourists in my entire life and it was really fun. We took the subway with a group of belgians after the game and they were very loud and annoying but it's okay because I'm aware of how annoying brazilian people can be after winning a soccer match. They were screaming things that weren't very nice about Russia and making a mess inside the train I shushed them a few times with no success.
It had been a long time since my last visit to Rio and it's a beautiful city, way better looking than mine because of the hills and parks and lakes but there's something about Rio that makes me not like it there.
The second game happened last weekend, the day before the big final and this time was Netherlands and Brazil, Netherlands won, it was okay though, Brazil wasn't playing well and didn't deserve to win. Although I have tons of negative opinions about Brazil concerning sports or not, I still root for my country, all countries have problems, we may be a poor mess of a country but we have many good things in our land, like the açai you feel so hipster about eating, yep, it's a brazilian thing in case you didn't know.
The last game we went happened in Brasilia which is the capital of Brazil and I'd never been there before and it was very exciting to go for the first time. For a better understanding: Sao Paulo is like New York, Rio de Janeiro is like California and Brasilia is like Washington DC but all 3rd world versions.
From all brazilian capitals I've visited Brasilia is by far the most different to me, it's super weird and different there, not necessarily in a negative way. Enough talk let's add some random pictures of those weekend trips and end the sport subject forever (weeeee ^o^)

Just to make this post more interesting, I promised I'd post a better picture of the Lolita contest I talked about the other day so here it is:

And I'll be participating in a bigger contest kinda thing by the end of this month, I feel quite insecure about it because I don't have many lolita clothes yet but hopefully I'll do fine.
That's it for today, thank you for reading and I hope to be back with regular posts soon ♡


  1. Wow sounds like you had a fun weekend and the food looks super yummy!!! You look lovely in Lolita and good luck for the contest, just relax and enjoy it (◕‿◕✿) xx

  2. Thank you for always stopping by my blog <3