Monday, August 18, 2014

Expo Korea, Tea Connetion Lolita meeting and cute places ♡

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I last posted and now I have so many things to talk about that I decided to make two separate posts. Today I'm gonna talk about the things I did last weekend and the weekend before and later this week I'll post my weekend haul.
Saturday (on the 9th) I went to a flea market that is very famous in my city but I'd never stopped by before, they had a few nice things but I didn't feel like getting any of them, the highlight is that, actually, nearby the flea market, a milkshake truck was parked, my boyfriend was the one who spotted and we went there immediately:

We got Oreo milkshake and it was awesome, plus the World needs more pastel food trucks, the striped pink cup also gets points, too bad it was somewhat expensive. I'd go again for sure though.
Later on the same day we went to an Italian restaurant called Buttina.

The main course was gnocchi. I rarely go to Italian restaurants but when I do all I can remember is my grandma's food ♡

On Sunday it was Fathers Day in my country so I went to Johnny Rockets with my family and after we went watch "Blended", the new Adam Sandler comedy, which was indeed very funny at least to me and my siblings.

Finally, last Friday I went to the last day of Expo Korea, I didn't really take that many pictures there but we got a lot of freebies and I bought a few things from the It's Skin booth that I'll be showing on my next post.

Super Junior was the group that got me into K-pop (although after Block B and 2NE1 became my greatest obsessions) I liked how my biases (Sungmin and Heechul) are in the middle of the panel so I had to take a picture ♡

Got a bag of Korean candy and a Bibimbap pen by winning the "Guess the Korean dish" game, I also won a traditional Korean tray but I gave it to my boyfriend's mom :3 They gave us other freebies too but I didn't mind taking a picture.
It was nostalgic going to Expo Korea, since I got into Lolita I kind of abandoned Korean culture, and originally I was more into K-pop and other Korean things. The K-pop scene of my city has changed a lot since I started attending k-pop events back in 2011, kids are too young and the fandom is way too large now, I miss how things used to be a couple of years ago.
Before heading back home we took a trip to the mall but that's for my next post. On Saturday not much went on, I had school obligations and by night I was really tired so we just stayed home, made some sandwiches and watched this awful Selena Gomez movie.  But last week I was talking about Elaine Monteiro shop and it reminded me that I'd been wanting to go there again for a long time. It's a very cute dessert shop around my neighborhood, it's perfect for a small Lolita meeting since they have a fair variety of tea.

The one thing I don't like about this place is that they have only a small variety of desserts despite being a dessert shop, almost everything they had was chocolate based, a flavor that I find a little boring, so I chose a cinnamon roll and was a happy choice after all, it was warm and tasted homemade.
Finally on Sunday I attended a Lolita meeting at Tea Connection, a tea house and restaurant near my house, a lot of lolitas went to the meeting and we occupied the whole second floor of Tea Connection. It wasn't a very nice day for me though, I was already unhappy with my outfit, I didn't have enough things to put a new outfit together, plus I really regret that I bought things from Bodyline, the shoes are fine but yeah...I don't think I'll buy from Bodyline from now on. But that's just a detail, the bad part is that although I love Lolita every time I'm about to go to a meeting something bad happens to me and last Sunday it wasn't different, it's already the 3rd time that I get excited about the meeting and then right before something bad happens and I get sad and don't feel like going to the meeting anymore, if I happen to decide to go I can't enjoy myself because I often feel insecure and can't approach anyone to talk so it ends up being kinda boring for me, it was my 5th time wearing Lolita so far but none of those times were an actual good time. Last Sunday it was specially bad, I spent most of the time sipping my tea quietly. Until I was 19 I used to have many friends (not that many, but you know, as many friends a normal person usually has) and then I just started to become more and more introverted and now, 3 years later is a real struggle to me to approach people or try making new friends. Anyway, into the outfit, I went with an outfit I already had worn before but with a different beret and with a proper wig.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the ''rant'' guys and also I'm sorry for saying bad things about Bodyline, it's just my personal opinion but if you like Bodyline I totally respect that. Things are a little bit tense these days and I'm very tired but I received a really cute letter from my Austrian penpal today and I hope I'll post about that and the little things I bought at Expo Korea soon  ♡

Thank You for reading  ♡


  1. Hello! i had some time without coming to your blog to comment, but even so I do not lose any input, I'd like places where I live had such beautiful food cake, but no D: the few that are are not very cute; --- -; !! anyway I hope there will soon be the new entry ^ - ^ * and I wish that things improve and soon you recover from fatigue these days C:

    1. Hello there! Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by! Brazil is not a place known for it's cuteness but if there is any I'm determined to find it hahaha, thank you very much have a nice week