Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekend haul and letter from a new penpal ♡

Hi everyone! I'm here again to talk about the shopping part of last weekend so let's get to it. On Friday I went to Expo Korea and the cosmetic brand It's Skin had a booth there from where I got a few items:

Since it was the last day of Expo Korea they didn't have many products available anymore, but I managed to get those pastel nail polishes, the blue ones look very similar in the picture but one is actually more of a light turquoise blue. Pastel blue and pastel pink are my favorite nail polish colors so I can't resist to buy a new one when I see a pretty shade. I can't wait to try them on.

I also got Blueberry and Carrot face masks, that is not the kind of product I use on a regular basis but I like to store some for when I feel like having a "Beauty Day" at home.
That's all I actually bought at Expo Korea, but I got a lot of freebies. To escape the traffic we went to the mall and usually I'm not a mall person, but one of the stores I like was having a sale. It's a Argentinian store called Morph that's pretty much a gift shop that sells home decor, stationery, etc.

Cupcake tin and ice cream sticky notes. The cupcake tin is the same my mom has at her house, I love decorating my room and I thought the cute tin would be a nice thing to add, I'll probably use it for keeping more tea from my collection.

The ice cream sticky notes are just pure love I bought one for me and one for my friend. I shouldn't be buying more stationery since I'm already well supplied but too cute to pass up.
I grabbed some of their last notebooks, those do not go with my pastel style but I liked them same way.

I went to Forever 21 finally! The first store in Brazil opened a few months ago and I only had the chance to check it out last weekend. I used to buy from Forever 21 whenever I could, back in Seattle and every time a relative was traveling I'd order a massive box of clothes and send to their hotels. Forever 21 is not that much my style, I usually prefer Zara, although I'm not a follower of fashion trends I can always find a few things of my taste at fast fashion stores. At Forever 21 I liked a scarf, a few shorts (which I already have too many in my wardrobe), a t-shirt and a dress, but since F21 is not as cheap in Brazil (not at all) as it is the U.S I only got the dress. The picture really does not make it any justice but here it is...

It is pretty much a very very shorter version of a JSK! It even has adjustable straps and full back shirring and with a little more fabric the skirt would fit a petticoat. Of course I didn't get it for Lolita purposes though. It looks a lot better when on, I like that it's fit on my thin parts and lose at my fat parts but since it's a little too short I'll probably wear it with tights!
And last thing I got came from the mail! It's a barrette to wear with my Cherish My Juicy Cherry JSK, it's off-brand and I got it from eBay:

I picked a few new penpals a while ago, now I have five of them If I well remember the older ones are from Australia and Canada, the new ones are from Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and Austria, I received the letter first letter from Lisa (a lolita who lives in Austria) yesterday:

Letters from penpals really have the power to brighten up a gloomy day like the one I was having yesterday. She also sent me whale sticky notes that are super cute. I already wrote her back and the envelope is ready to post!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and to finish just one last picture from this kawaii art I saw at the mall:

The World does need more cuteness, hopefully I'll find more to share on my blog soon ♡

Thank You For Reading  ♡


  1. Hi there! I adore your blog and instagram, your room is perfect and I love all the cuteness in it!
    I also make miniature food charms and other jewelry that suits sweet lolita and kawaii styles. I was wondering what would be the best way of contacting you in regards to maybe sending you some free gifts from my store? (: Please let me know if you would be interested! Thank you xx

    1. Hello! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog ^o^
      You can contact me on my e-mail if you like audreymaciel4@gmail.com
      Thank You very much <3