Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cute Cheesecake shop ♡

Hello everyone! I'm aware...I've been absent for way too long! Well I do have a few nice posts planned but, since I'm late on this one, today I'll talk about this place I went a few weeks ago. This is a special post for the feminist lolitas out there, specially the ones in my city, nope, won't rant about feminism here, just share this place which is quite cool if feminism and sweets are your thing.

The place is called Cheesecakeria:
♡ (Rua Canário, 499 - Moema, São Paulo)

They serve tea, coffee and different types of cheesecake, you can either order a slice (which is big and perfectly shareable) or a small round portion of cheesecake (preferable if you are by yourself or want to try different flavors).

The flavors range from original to blueberry, I ordered a red velvet cheesecake slice. I didn't know it would come chocolate sprinkled, I don't think the chocolate sprinkles go well with the cheesecake. So if think you might like your cheesecake without the chocolate I'd recommend you to ask the attendant to not put the sprinkles in advance.

The price for one slice is R$15,00 which ain't cheap, but I honestly think I wouldn't be able to eat it by myself so I'd cut the price in half. You can also choose the small portion which is quite cheaper and a lot smaller.

Sweets are always good but I couldn't help but falling in love with the place's decor:

The place was all girly and cute, full of vintage and feminist references. Signs with feminist sayings were everywhere:

The hung out area was more pastel and shabby chic and the one with the cheesecake display and cashier had more of a vintage and retro vibe with brighter colors. Cuteness was everywhere:

Insanely beautiful elephant tea set.

Dramatic pause: I need this kitchen counter in my life, it's just the sweetest thing. Can't wait to have my own kitchen I'll definitely be hunting for this kind of furniture!

This place is not big enough for a Lolita meeting. But say the hung out area is empty and you want to invite a few lolitas for a private meeting, then I'd say you could fit comfortably 6 to 8 lolitas there. That's if the place is empty (which I believe would be difficult on weekends). Still a nice experience to go with a smaller group or even by yourself!

That's it guys. Another cute place to visit here in São Paulo! Somewhere near the place there's a shop called St.Marche it's a fancy grocery store with lots of imports where I found this cute Pink Lemonade:

So cute I couldn't bring myself to drink it yet!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I'll be posting about another cute places anytime soon :)

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. É uma pena que seja pequeno. Seria perfeito para um meeting temático *o*

    1. Acho que se a gente conseguir que a dona feche só pra gente até dava!! Um dia podemos tentar :3 obrigada por passar por aqui ^o^

  2. É lindo lindo ♥ Obrigada por compartilhar com a gente!

    1. De nada hehe que bom que gostaram obrigada por ler <3

  3. Gente mas que lugar e blog liiiiindo! ♥

    1. Wee ^o^ obrigada :3 e obrigada por passar aqui!

  4. Lindo o lugar, você costuma ir bastante nele ?
    Estarei indo a São Paulo no final do ano, quero ir nesse lugar comer um cheesecake.