Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Recent purchases and gifts ♡

Hello everyone! During the past few weeks I bought a few things and received some in the mail. I'd like to share my great finds! A few days ago I went to Forever 21 and found some great deals!

This cream and pink floral dress was on sale and I got it for a very friendly price, the print and style remind me so much of Liz Lisa and I think it matches my new shoes that I'll be showing on this post too.

Also found super cute ice cream socks and a pink bow with golden dots. Both of them were quite cheap, I wish I'd have bought more of those cute accessories, they had plenty of those there for a very reasonable price but not all of them were really my style. I totally recommend going there to check although not all pieces are a bargain because of the taxes over imports :( Wish I could shop at Forever 21 in the U.S.

So cute and pink ♡
I finally received my shoes I bought on eBay. I bought them to wear with Lolita mostly, but I think they'll be useful in some casual outfits as well.

They have thick, 5cm heels. I got another pair of Topshop tights too, they're white floral fishnets! Here's a picture of me wearing them with the shoes:

I got two Choo Choo Cat sticker sets, they're little folders with several sticker sheets. One with the white cat for me and one with the black cat for my friend, who has a black cat, but I forgot to take a picture of hers.

Half of the stickers are made of paper and half are made of plastic:

Another something I got in the mail was a parcel from my lovely penpal and friend Ashley, she spoils me way too much and sent me a lot of nice things:

Look how cute this tiny Rilakkuma letter set is, I can't bring myself to use them:

She also sent me a kawaii coloring book and other things I might have forgotten to take a picture:

I also went to Daiso recently but I didn't find many good things I ended up only taking those three home:

A chocolate lunch box, a envelope set for letters and a set of loofahs. You can only see the pink loofah in the picture because the white one is already in my shower. I heard wonders about how much foam those loofahs make so I gave it a try and so far I'm liking it very much!

And last thing is a decoration set I bought from the Kawaii Cam app, the app I use to edit my pictures with cute stickers, I already had a Little Twin Stars set and I've had it for over an year now so my boyfriend gave me the My Melody one and I'm sooo in love. Here are some examples of how you can deco your pictures with this set:

Hope you guys like this post! Tomorrow is actually my birthday I'm not even excited haha but I hope it will be a good day ♡

Thank You for reading ♡


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a really fun day!

    Such cute finds! We have a Forever 21 here in Panama but it's been a long time since I've gone back. I once found cupcake and really cute ufo socks and from time to time you can find some really cute gems. <3

    1. Thank you so much my birthday was quite fun! thanks for stopping by <3 :3