Friday, November 7, 2014

The Kitten Collective: cute accessories review ♡

Hello everyone! Yesterday I received a package from The Kitten Collective whose owner Iana was kind enough to send me some accessories to review, the items came all the away from New Zealand to Brazil! They make a variety of handmade jewelry and other accesssories. Here's what I received:

The items came all bubble wrapped inside a cute kitty box, she packed everything with much care and included the store's card.

Not only she sent me the cutesy items but also hand wrote me a lovely letter ♡. Being the stationery lover and collector I am I totally freaked about the writing paper that featured little bears wearing mushroom hats :

She sent me two pendant necklaces handmade by her. One is a flower shaped cake and the other is a lilac macaron. Originally they were made with a silver a chain, but since I'm not a big fan of silver she put them on a golden chain for me which was really nice of her!

It looks like a multiple layer cake with coconut flakes and a pink strawberry, it's really cute and I'd love to see it as a ring too.

Here we have the lilac macaron with whipped cream and pastel strawberry, this piece is really cute and it looks just like a little macaron, love it.
Last thing she sent me was a pink felt bow with dripping chocolate and sprinkles:

I've been pretty much collecting bows as you guys can see on my previous post and I'm always happy to add some more to the collection I call this one Birthday Cake bow :3
From all things she sent me I'd say the macaron pendant is my favorite, it matches perfectly my new dress and I'm excited to wear them both together sometime soon:

Cuteness overload ♡
You can check either their Instagram, Etsy or Facebook page to see other cute stuff they make, I'm specially fond of their fruit tart earrings, go grab some!

Thank You For Reading ♡

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  1. aww the macaron pendant is really cute *^*

    1. I love it too, I'm so glad to have it <3 :3

  2. Hehe aww I'm so glad you liked all the items!! Thank you so much for doing this review sweetie!

    1. Hey Iana thank you for stopping by! I'm glad you like the review Thank you so much again ♡

  3. That macaroon necklace is gorgeous! :O I just want to eat it!

    - Sarah

  4. Omg these are way too adorable!! *___* ~♥ ♥
    Must get me some! Thanks for the review dear ^____^

    ~ Frillycakes ~