Thursday, December 11, 2014

Geek House ♡

Hello everyone! Today I found a really really dope place near my house, they actually opened yesterday so I guess I was one of the first visitors. The place is called Geek House and it's a mix of comic store and cafe.
The place is really big and has a variety of different rooms, I think it's the perfect place for a Animal Crossing meeting, Nintendo DS party or the annual Lolita Nerd Meeting.
It's the perfect place to hang out with friends who enjoy nerdy things and play RPG, Magic, Nintendo whatever is your thing.
They are yet to receive more products but you can already find some Game Of Thrones, Marvel, Adventure Time, Lord of The Rings, etc on their shelves!
If you read my blog your probably know I usually share cute places, Japanese culture and Lolita fashion stuff but since I'm a geek and know many others out there I felt the need to share.
The place is in São Paulo obviously but I thought it would be weird to post in Portuguese out of the blue, plus if someone from another country visits Brazil's largest city they might want know good places to visit!

- Geek House:
Alameda Franca, 1055, Jardim Paulista 
Near to Consolação or Trianon-Masp subway stations
Open Monday to Saturday (Fridays and Saturdays 11h00 to 22h00)

Now a little tour, although the place is actually a lot bigger than it seems in the pictures:

That's it guys, if general geek culture is your thing you should probably check Geek House, their staff seemed really nice and the place is huge. Here's their Facebook page too!

Thank You For Reading ♡


  1. Que lugar legal ♥ Fiquei com vontade de conhecer!

  2. Espero que vc vá :) é um lugar bem espaçoso e aconchegante, acho que vai gostar!