Friday, December 26, 2014

My Christmas ♡

Hello everyone! Hope you all had an awesome Christmas! Mine was very nice because I got to spend some time with my mom's family and I don't see them very often, plus my grandma makes the best food ever ♡

It is super weird that Christmas happens during Summer where I live (Australians can relate to that too) so I couldn't wear the outfit I originally planned:

I ended up wearing a light velvet navy blue dress my boyfriend got me as a present for Christmas:

The dress doesn't look good in the picture because I had just washed it. Surprisingly it's not too warm to wear in the Summer (at least not during the night). The dress is from Forever 21 and I got a few other presents with it, all from Forever 21:

Dark red cardigan and little foxy socks. Piece of advice: keep dust and fluffy white things away from velvet:

The navy blue velvet scrunchy is also a present my boyfriend got me at Forever 21 but it's full of white little fibers now :(. He also got me rings, too bad the picture didn't capture their sparkle:

My mom got me a pink Santa sock and pearl earrings, real pearls but the simple stud design ones so I didn't mind taking a picture, I love them though because I only wear small and delicate earrings:

Another thing I got on the Christmas eve that made me really happy was a card from my friend Keely, who's from Canada, it took me by surprise and I was so happy that she remembered me. She also sent me a HaeNuLi cloth with a beautiful design (which I tried to take a picture of but they all ended up blurry >.<).The little card had glittery macarons on it, so cute ♡:

And inside she wrote a message wishing me Merry Christmas, such a kind gesture of hers:

The year is almost over, today I cleaned my room and had the last "Princess tea time" of 2014, but with no tea, the weather was too hot so I made some pink lemonade and my boyfriend treated me a red velvet cupcake from my favorite shop, called SOS Cupcake:

SOS cupcakes is the only place I know in São Paulo that makes American tasting frosting that reminds me of the happy days I lived in the U.S ♡ The place is in Perdizes, I totally recommend it.

This is it, 2014 is almost over, it was an important year to me, I had some awful moments and some really great ones, I learned a lot of things, I started wearing Lolita and met knew people but I've never been this shy, I totally kept inside my shell this year and didn't make many friends.
In 2015 I want to make new friends and see the ones I already have more often, I want to keep learning, keep improving and becoming a better person.
Last year I wished for a new computer and a 3ds and I got them in 2014. So now, I wish in 2015 I'll buy more Angelic Pretty and Baby and get a Pullip doll.
Of course my biggest wish is to get in college. I studied the whole year for that and as long as I'm in college next year I'm happy.
This year I also started this blog, many people come here and only a few leave comments but when I see the number of visitors I know people from all over the world are reading my blog and it makes me really happy and grateful that I decided to write this whole blog in English so it could reach more people with same interests as me. So to all of you, who visited my blog during this year:

Thank You For Reading 
and Happy New Year 


  1. Good to see that you had a nice Christmas! Early Happy New Year to you <3

    1. Thank You and Happy New Year Lisa <3 hope 2015 will be awesome for you!

  2. Happy New Year <33
    Catching up on your blog posts ù 3 ú
    It's a shame you couldn't use the outfits you planned, it was so cute!
    I loved everything you got for Christmas!

    1. Hi there! Hope you had an awesome time on your Holidays!