Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Updated Dream Dress list ♡

Hello everyone! If I well remember I posted my Dream Dress list about a year ago, even before I started wearing Lolita, much has changed since then so I'm posting an update.
Before I get started just a few things:
I have countless dresses on my wish-list (most from Angelic Pretty) but I picked some of the ones I want the most now. This list would originally include Sweetie Violet and Usakumya-chan is a Petit Patissier but since I got those prints recently (not the dresses but the skirts) they are not on the "most-wanted" list anymore.
On all the pictures the dresses have my 1st option of color and cut.
I'm gonna start with what has been my ultimate dream dress for a long time, then the 2nd most wanted and on:

Toy March
Melty Cream Doughnuts
Misty Sky

Honey Cake
Petit Patisserie
Lucky Key

My Favorite Ribbon
Thank You for Reading ♡


  1. I seriously, seriously love your taste in Lolita dresses!
    My personal favorite out of all of them is Honey Cake one as it is so gorgeous.
    I hope you get all your dream dresses one day.
    Keep cute missy!

    Scarlett - Kawaii blogger at http://pasteldreamandrainbowskies.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Hello there :)
      Honey Cake is actually the print that got me into Lolita! I love it so much too but then I grew to start loving Toy March just a little bit more.
      Thank you for stopping by my blog <3 :)

  2. very cute wishlist! i regret selling my toy march, i just loved the bears on it! im selling sugar dream dome op in navy btw xP

    1. I really really wish I could afford your Sugar Dream Dome right now :( but such a popular print must be out of my budget :/ *heartbroken*
      But Thank You so much for stopping by my blog :3