Friday, April 17, 2015

Pretty things ♡

Hey what's up you guys? I'm back, I still don't have a phone,oh well...Gotta keep this blog going anyway! So not a lot happened since my last post but I did engage in a few fun activities which included eating pastries and a little shopping!
I went to the Japanese bookstore with my boyfriend and saw this Popteen issue I really wanted from last year, I think the cover is soooo pretty if I had a better camera I'd take inside pictures! I might do that later though:

Besides G&LB I think Popteen is the J-mag that speaks to me the most even though I don't plan on start wearing any other kind of cute fashion besides Lolita I still enjoy going through it's pages.
It had been a long time since I last went to Daiso too, here's what I got, starting with slippers (which I get whenever there are some available) and storage basket because organizing is love:

Although I've seen cuter slippers at Daiso those were the best I could find that day, since they have walking around the house purposes I didn't bother much.
I also got French themed gift bags and little notebooks which are useful for college:

And lastly, I have a weak spot for beautiful napkins hahaha, the gingham one is from Daiso and the most-beautiful-napkin-I've-ever-seen one is from St.Marché:

And the other day I couldn't resist those at the drugstore, I'm a sucker for cute packing:

I'm also happy that I received my penpal's letter. Thank you Lisa, you're the only penpal I have left, I love your letters so much:

Lisa is actually from Austria but since she went to Paris for the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright tea party she got me a postcard ^o^. Thanks much girl, I'll be replying you soon :)
Speaking of friendship one of my best friends who lives in London was in my city for the weekend, we had little time together but I was so happy to see her, we hadn't seen each other for 4 years T^T

Recently my boyfriend and I took a trip to Espaço Kazu for their wonderful desserts you can't find anywhere else in this city:

We shared a fruit tart and a mochi ice cream and had green tea and salmon oniguiris for lunch, their fruit tart is my favorite thing they make, I strongly recommend you to try it!

That's it guys, sorry for the kinda bad pictures, I miss Instagram too, once I get a new phone I'll posting there again.
Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Those cakes look so delicious! Too bad Brazil is too far away for me ;)

    1. Hope you can find similar desserts near where you live then! this place makes me so happy <3

  2. Esse guardanapo lindão é ótimo para fazer caixas com decoupáge hehe i.iv

    1. Siiim *u* a mãe do meu namorado faz e foi justamente por isso que ele falou que eu devia comprar hahaha, quando ela voltar de viagem vou pedir <33