Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Le Jardin Secret: flower flavored desserts ♡

Hey guys, today I'm gonna talk a little bit about this place called Le Jardin Secret I visited a couple weeks ago. I've found out about this place a long time ago and finally had the chance to pay a visit.
Le Jardin Secret is a dessert shop and they are well-known for making pastries and sweets using real flowers like violets, roses and lavender. The place is small and the whole decor is super shabby-chic which you guys know I love.

The place is lovely in all it's details but it's pretty small and not suitable for a Lolita meet-up, unless you are a small group of up to 5 people total considering the other clients in the store.

They have sweets, coffee and tea you can have there and have cute little tins and jars of flower flavored cookies and other delicacies you can buy too.

Rose flavored jellies ♡
I went for the dulce de leche cream with cookies and candied violets and the hazelnut chocolate cookie with rose crust.

The place is so beautiful and their sweets are delightful but I think they should put more care on how the desserts are served, using a glass cup isn't the best option for such delicate sweets. But I do intend to go back there and buy some of their flower flavored jellies.

Le Jardin Secret was actually a second stop that day, before me and my boyfriend had lunch at Bistrô O'Chá, a place that I had visited before and loved but then they moved and took a while to remodel the new store, it was my first time visiting their brand new store.

They are known for their vast tea menu, which has about any kind of tea you can imagine. My boyfriend had a fresh plum smoothie with roses and I totally forgot what my iced tea was all about, I just remember liking it.

The entree was sooo good, I loved everything about it, the caramelized nuts, the dried apricots, the toast and the spread even if we didn't really know what it was made of, I guess it was cream cheese with dried tomatoes.

I ordered the vegetarian leek and mushrooms lasagna and enjoyed so very much, my boyfriend on the other hand ordered the fish which was seasoned with some herb he disliked.

They have all sorts of amazing desserts at Bistrô O'Chá including cupcakes and ice cream they make themselves with unique flavors. I want to go there next time to try more of their teas and see what the sweets are about.

Oh they also have a cat, he was super sweet but a little shy. Hope you guys like this post and I do recommend both places for you to visit. See you all next time :)

Thank You for reading ♡


  1. Wow it looks like such a beautiful place with delicious food! I have never had something with real flowers like this.

    { }

    1. It was my first time eating flowers too :3 I heard lavender flavored things are awesome hope I'll get to try someday *u*