Thursday, July 16, 2015

How I store Lolita clothes ♡

Hello everyone! Since I'm on a college break I've found myself with quite some time in my hands this week so I thought this post could be helpful. I only have two doors of my wardrobe available to store my Lolita clothes so I try to make the most of it. My wardrobe is relatively small but it has been growing and keep managing to fit everything in a way I think, looks cute. Here's how I do it:

Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Sorry for the low quality of the pictures, it's hard to get a good picture of the inside because it's dark. As you can see above I've purposed both doors:

On the left door there are a few things like cosmetics, hair products and trinkets. On the right door there's the mirror:

Above the mirror I glued heart shaped thingies from Daiso to hang some of my jewelry and charms. This keeps my necklaces from getting tangled:

I'm yet to take more polaroids with my friends to tape there, where also keep my Rilakkuma earphones.

On the shelf I have my petticoats, flower crowns, hat and most of my bags:

I use the big Liz Lisa bag to store my wigs and berets:

I purposed the back of the wardrobe as well by gluing more little hearts to hang my bear bag and a few other things:

I also keep some of my skincare and Lolita jewelry in the wardrobe, underneath my skirts. That's the good part of having mostly skirts, the gap that they leave for potential storage space:

I use the floral box and a Tokyo Disney tin that my boyfriend's mom gave me to store my bows:

The rest of my jewelry (specially the Chocomint and brand) is displayed on my cake stand:

I use my Sugary Carnival tote bag to store my bonnet and headbow (and future headbows) and some detachable parts I keep in a little Swimmer bag:

To be able to fit all my blouses, boleros,cardigans and my winter cape (and also because I didn't have clear hangers enough) I hung them in pairs:

Dark red bolero is washing ;p
And here's the little gap underneath my blouses where I fit my basket of socks and tights and some of my make-up bags:

This floral basket is from Daiso and can actually fit a lot into it:

And that's how I organized everything so far I'll probably have to make a few changes because I have five new pieces of clothing and three accessories waiting to be shipped in Japan and I do intend to buy more. Eventually I'll have to dump my muggle clothes wherever and get some drawers free to put my Lolita. If you know where I can get more clear hangers in São Paulo please let me know! By the way the shoes are the only part of my Lolita that I keep elsewhere! Since I only have four pairs of Lolita shoes I haven't found much trouble storing them.
I hope this post was helpful, if you like any of the storing ideas I used feel free to copy me hahaha you can get most stuff I used at Daiso!

Thank you for reading 


  1. Armários sweets são tão fofos! X3 O seu é uma gracinha ^^

    Eu preciso reorganizar o meu e tirar umas fotos também. Faz bastante tempo que não catalogo. Estou com o wardrobre todo atrasado no blog XD

    1. Obrigada <3 Eu precisava fazer isso de catalogar também! As minhas coisas foram fáceis de organizar pq eu não tenho muitas fico imaginando o que eu posso fazer no futuro quando eu tiver mais, espero não ter que vender :/

  2. Very inspiring u.u
    I think I'll use some of your tips, my wardrobe is always so messy!

    1. I'm glad you find my post helpful :) Thank You for stopping by my blog ^^

  3. oi Audrey! ^^ sou a milena que estava no ribbon fashion contest usando um gorrinho. achei seu blog por acaso procurando fotos do concurso e ~amei~ seu guarda-roupa, dá pra ver a sua dedicacão em todos os detalhes, em todas as fotos. parabéns pelo empenho <3 deve dar muito gosto de se vestir todos os dias com uma organizacão dessa!

    1. Oi! Lembro sim! Obrigada hahaha mas na verdade não me visto assim todos os dias já que meu guarda-roupa de roupas normais é a maior bagunça do universo hahaha mas mesmo assim obrigada :)

  4. Eu me sinto tão inspirada em ver uma organização assim, sério. Acho que dá até pra eu usar umas "técnicas" pra mim usahushas tudo lindo, viu? E aliás, ce mora no Brasil mesmo?

    1. Olá!! Que bom que esse post te ajudou, fico feliz :) e muito obrigada! Eu moro no Brasil sim, em SP! Bjs <3