Monday, July 13, 2015

Latest Outfits ♡

Hello everyone! Long time no see, sorry about that I've been quite busy. In the mean time I got to wear Lolita on three different occasions.
First my comm held a Bazaar swap-meeting kinda thing, I went there and ended up buying a bunch of stuff. Speaking on shopping matters I don't think I'll post that Japan haul anymore, I already wore most things so they're not that new anymore, I think it would be better to just write a wardrobe post in January plus you'll see me wearing the stuff anyways.

I need and must stop taking pictures with my phone to post on the blog, I'll try taking a proper camera with me whenever I can from now on. This picture ended up blurry because I was on a real rush. That day was terrible and annoying, but I bought some really cute things.
That's the only outfit picture I have, I made a bold choice to pair Sweetie Violet by Angelic Pretty with brown since I found out this shade of lavender doesn't go that well with pink. I wore my brown shoes from Bodyline, brown bag by Spree Picky and a straw hat with brown ribbons.

Painted my nails lavender to match Sweetie Violet.
On a much nicer day I went to a Book Club themed meet-up, however I didn't plan an outfit for the occasion in advance like I usually do so I threw the easiest coord I could think of:

Promenade de Paris by Angelic Pretty, my first and only OP, a cut that although not versatile is very easy to wear. Any print with brown accents is easy for me to coord and luckily enough I had a few mint accessories.

Picture by Karine.
The Book Club Meeting was the best meeting I went to since the Valentine's Day one. It was quite small therefore very comfortable because I don't do well with crowds. The company was nice, the food, the location was amazing and of course I loved the theme. I'm a bookworm after-all.

I did like my outfit, despite the poor wig choice, could've put extra effort applying my make-up too but overall I think I did safe options. 

Thank you Ichigo for organizing such a great meeting I had an awesome time chewing all that cupcakes and talking about books.

Speaking of food let's take a break from Lolita outfits to talk about this place:

It's called Ramona and their burger made me speechless from it's glorious taste. So so so good, I can't find the words to describe it. Thank you Layla for the tips!

Back to Lolita just so I can sum up what I've been up to for the last few weeks. Yesterday I went to Anime Friends to participate again (as I did last year) on the Ribbon Fashion Contest.

I decided to wear Cherish My Juicy Cherry by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright since the last time I wore it was over a year ago.

This time I attempted a more Classical look, I won 2nd place and I'll participate on the big final in December. My friend Bianca won 1st place, you go gurl!

Dress: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Bolero: Le Carrousel
Bow: Le Carrousel
Necklace: Axes Femme
Beret: Accessorize
Bag: Spree Picky
Tights: Topshop
Shoes: off-brand
Parasol: Angelic Pretty

I do regret my choice on leg-wear, maybe different tights maybe without the lace cuff ankle socks. But overall a much better outfit than when I first wore this dress. Anime Friends is always a nice event that I've been attending for years but the sleep deprivation and unexpected hot weather didn't do any favors to my already bad humor so I left right after the contest :(.
Geez I ran out of dresses I won't be wearing anything but skirts for a while now. I recently bought Drained Cherry JSK in lavender, hope I can get it sent here with my Royal Unicorn JSK in time for my birthday. Sad thing is: I won't be buying brand for a while now :( I'll probably buy off-brand accessories and shoes and maybe some handmade items but I'm taking a break from Japanese sales and auctions.

That's about it guys! I'll keep you all updated on my not very eventful life :)

Thank You for reading 


  1. Isso, tire mais fotos de você e seus outs! Eu gosto muito das suas fotos de ''coisas'' e seria lindo ver o mesmo capricho focado você, que é tão foca e criativa ^^

    Novamente: essa peruca (wine brown) ficou ótima em você <3

    1. Obrigada Karine! Vou me esforçar pra tirar mais fotos e melhores também, é que eu sou muito perfeccionista e sempre acho que as fotos de mim ficam ruins T^T mas vou ver se tirando com a camera isso melhora! Depois de vc mais duas pessoas elogiaram essa peruca, fiquei feliz, fazia tempo que eu não usava ela vou usar mais de agora em diante!

  2. So nice you win the 2nd place! Work hard for the next event you win the 1st :3

  3. You have such pretty coordinates! My favourite is the first since Sweetie Violet is just a gorgeous print in lavender <3 And big congratulations on winning 2nd place :DD

    1. Thank You! I've started wearing Lolita last year so I still have a long way to go but I'm so happy you like my coords, I wish I had a better picture of the Sweetie Violet one, it was a dream print of mine and it was my 1st time wearing it ^o^