Friday, November 20, 2015

Bazar J-Fashion and Halloween Meeting ♡

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to update you on the last Lolita events I attended. Bazar J-Fashion happened once again last month, it's like our local swap meeting, I'm so thankful to the people who organize this event twice a year, this time I only went there to buy stuff, because I've been working a lot and had money to spare haha.

I do look tired as hell.
I wore a simple outfit to the Bazar, can't even be considered Lolita, the skirt is Angelic Pretty but it's super short on me, it has a built-in petticoat but I wasn't wearing an actual one so let's just call this whatever-kei. Skirt and bag are Angelic Pretty, blouse is off-brand, headbow is Le Carrousel and cardigan is Riachuelo. I wasn't even wearing a wig can you believe? And I loveeed trying out the headbow, I want more of them now.

I picked up my order from Le Carrousel, a sailor skirt, and ended up buying a black bolero and a navy bow barrette. The navy blouse/dress is from Lira, the chocolate ice cream necklace from Camila and the pink bolero from Kakao.

Our Halloween meeting happened on November 1st. The night before I went to a concert so I was extremely tired and stayed only for a bit, my body was so sore, I wish I could've been in a better shape for the meeting.

I'm really not into Halloween or Gothic themes so I just wore my new skirt from Le Carrousel, this outfit is quite sloppy but it was very last minute, I hate my wig choice for this, I look very bad on the pictures :/. Bolero is Magic Tea Party and glitter bangle Thais Gusmão, the rest is off-brand.

The meeting happened at Gita Make My Cake, it was my first time visiting and I loved it, great empanadas and delicious cake! I love the decor, it's so nice that she decorated for Halloween but I want to visit again to see how the place looks without that.

I'm glad I found time to update! The end of the year is always very chaotic but less than a month to go, Holidays and my vacations are just around the corner :)

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

My three favorite Lolita brands ♡

This week's theme on Lolita Blog Carnival is rather interesting: we have to list our top three favorite brands and explain why we love them so much.
By "brand" I mean not only the traditional Japanese brands, but also indie brands, Taobao brands and such. I'm looking forward to learn about the other bloggers favorites, I picked my three favorites based on how much I admire the brand and on my relationship with the products I own from them, I only included brands that I own a significant amount of goods to form an opinion on their quality and not only their designs.

The number one: Angelic Pretty ♡

I feel this is such a cliche answer: it's obviously the most popular Lolita brand around the world, but I can clearly see why: they always come up with the very best prints.
In actuality if wasn't for AP I probably wouldn't even be a lolita today. It was my desire to be able to wear Angelic Pretty one day that motivated me to start in the fashion.
I love their unique prints and 85% of my wishlist items consist of AP, it's also the most prominent brand on my wardrobe: it makes most of dresses, skirts and bags.
In my opinion Angelic Pretty's quality is amazing, I'm always mesmerized by the attention they put onto detail, I like the themed laces and buttons, the pockets and built-in petticoats, it's also the only brand (in the traditional sense of the word) that I've bought goods straight from the shop.

The second favorite: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright ♡

I have a few Baby items, I have more waiting to be shipped in Japan as well, it isn't much but I think it's enough to speak for their quality, or the lack of it. I believe Angelic Pretty has superior quality and richness of detail compared to Baby, I do like BTSSB designs but I've sold a dress in disappointment before: floppy bows, thin cotton fabric, dull color. However, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright does have some strong points: longer lengths than AP, a more traditional Lolita aesthetic, which I like, a Sweet-classic vibe.
I'm yet to buy my first brand blouse, but when I do I hope it's BTSSB since I like their blouse designs the best among all brands. After AP is the brand with the most items on my wishlist.

Lastly: Le Carrousel ♡

Forget about the "real" brands, specially because I can only speak for AP and Baby, the only Japanese brands I own. Le Carrousel is a local business run by a lolita in my comm and her mother, everything is handmade. I've bought boleros and hair accessories from them and more recently I ordered a custom size sailor skirt. I like their work very much, to me the accessories and boleros are comparable to some of my brand items. I love the skirt, I think they manage to do a great  job with the materials we have available in Brazil, my one complain would be: all dresses and skirts, in my opinion, should be fully lined which I think they are not (at least my skirt isn't). However the only thing that keeps me from buying more Le Carrousel is that they are very Classical and I'm mainly Sweet. Regardless of anything the products I could find to suit my style are very well loved and treasured.

Don't forget to check out their favorite brands:

And what about your favorite brand? Let me know in the comments.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

My birthday party ♡

Hello everyone! Long time no update. My birthday is October 8th and on the 10th I invited some friends over for a little get-together at my house. I usually don't like celebrating my birthday but this year I it saw as an excuse to meet some friends I hadn't seen in a while and make some cute foods and drinks.

I didn't feel like wearing Lolita for the occasion so I put this simple otome-ish outfit together.

I don't have a good picture of what I was wearing per usual. I decided to coordinate my Sweetie Violet skirt from Angelic Pretty with navy and keep it super casual. I wasn't wearing a wig or petticoat, just wanted to be cute and comfortable.

I only invited a few close friends and very few girls from my comm, I'm happy that some of my best friends were able to come to my party. I prepared simple treats with the help of my boyfriends mom and aunt who made the veggie pie and my birthday cake. I bought strawberry meringues, marshmallows and made green tea brigadeiro (a different version of a very traditional Brazilian treat). The guests could choose from two different Italian soda flavors to drink: violet and raspberry.

The violet flavored Italian soda was my favorite thing, yummy, refreshing and even matched my skirt.

And last but not least the cake: strawberry and cream naked cake, made by my boyfriends aunt, special thank you for my boyfriend and his family for their big help.

Mostly took pictures of me and my friends with my Instax. I didn't bother taking too many pictures of the party, just wanted to enjoy sometime with the dear people I invited.

Hope I'll be able to post about the latest meetings soon, school and work are giving me a hard time lately but I'm always trying to keep up with the posts!

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