Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ribbon Fashion Contest: all Lolita outfits of 2015 and the last one ♡

Hello everyone! The year is almost over so I had to post about the Ribbon Fashion Contest final that happened a few weeks ago! Documenting events is not really my blogging style so I'm just going to show you my outfit and tell you a little about my experience participating on this contest final for the second time.

I had little time to plan my outfit, I decided to go with my French Doll OP, I ordered navy shoes to match because I couldn't find silver shoes my size and the red shoes I had were too dark. The shoes I ordered didn't arrive on time, in fact they arrived on the very next day so I had no option but the somewhat-dark red ones.

My friend Bianca ended up winning the contest with a super OTT coord, Milena was the 1st runner-up and I got the 3rd place which made me very happy, specially because I like the girls who won so I wasn't butt-hurt hahaha. Winning the 1st place Bianca received a Dolly Cat special set and the Miss Ribbon sash, Milena got a Milky Cross parasol and a Me Likes Tea petticoat (or a bloomer, I don't remember) and I won a pair of Whip Collection OTKs and a Me Likes Tea petticoat. It was a lovely day and I'm so proud of my friends and their beautiful outfits.

Me and the 2016 Miss Ribbon.
My prizes ^u^
I'm so happy I got this petticoat as a prize, since it's made of voile it's not itchy making it perfect to wear on Summer with chiffon skirts! The OTKs are really easy-to-coord-with staple ones, too bad they don't fit me as good as the Dramatic Rose OTKs, I'll still keep them as a memento from winning 3rd place.

The outfit I wore for the contest is also my last one from 2015! I improved so much this year, I started with coords I wasn't happy with and now I'm finishing the year knowing that I finally became the lolita I dreamed to be when I first got interested on the fashion.

I must say, despite having very little time to get ready because I was running very late, I like this outfit, I wish I had silver glitter shoes, a matching bag and more interesting leg-wear on but besides that I really like it and I think it turned out pretty elegant. The OP is Angelic Pretty's French Doll, the ring is Chocomint and the parasol is also Angelic Pretty, the rest is just off-brand.

Last year when I posted on the same contest I did a retrospective on my 2014 outfits, so here's a little throwback to all my Lolita looks of 2015:

February: Valentine's Day Meeting
March: White Day Meeting
May: Old-School Meeting (not wearing old-school)
June: Bazar J-Fashion
June: Book Club Meeting
July: Ribbon Fashion Contest (selection)
August: Helena's birthday party (so ugly on this pic)
August: Barroque Meeting
October: Halloween Meeting (not on the theme)
December: Mimi Christmas Party
I'd say my favorite coords are the one I wore to the Barroque Meeting, although people seem to think it looks normalfag, and both of the coords I wore for Ribbon Fashion Contest. The ones I don't like are the Valentine's Day and the Halloween Meeting ones, they look sloppy. The rest I do like but I think I can do much better now that I have a proper wardrobe. One thing I noticed about my 2015 coords is that I clearly have a favorite wig!

I am so excited for the upcoming events of 2016! I hope I'll get to wear Lolita more often next year! And by the way: Merry belated Christmas.

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Awww I love all of your outfits. You look so cute and beautiful. I love this post. :3
    Bai, Shiki

    [Beauty and Destroy]

    1. Thank you so much, you are so kind :3 thank you

  2. Eu adorei seu último outfit, mas sou suspeita, já que gosto muito do seu estilo, hehe :3

    Até ano que vem o/

    1. Obrigada! Acho que deu pra evoluir um pouco esse ano mas mal posso esperar o próximo! Nos vemos em breve!

  3. Parabéns! Eu assisti a videos do RFC pois não pude estar presente na final, mas quem sabe ano que vem!
    Fico contente que tenhas gostado da anáguas, fazer anáguas de voil tem sido muito gostoso, sem contar que elas são maravilhosas para usar pois são tão macias! *-*
    Seu outfit estava muito bonito, adoro navy e vermelho! <3 <3

    Tai -

    1. Muito Obrigada! Eu amei a anágua, é de um conforto que eu jamais pensei ser possível numa anágua e a saia fica com um formato muito bonito!