Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lolita meeting and cute dessert shop ♡

Hello girls! It's been a while since I last updated you guys on what's been going on in my life. I have an equal amount of good and bad things happening. College starts in March, agenda is full of upcoming meetings and things, so I should probably post about the 1st meeting of 2015 before it gets too old!
On February 1st I went to a small meeting organized by two lovely Fashion students who are not lolitas themselves but wanted to get to know Lolita better, they were so kind and receptive I loved attending their meeting!
I was afraid the weather would be way too hot so I decided on wearing my Bodyline pink skirt. Good news are: I probably won't be wearing Bodyline any soon again. I do like my polka dot skirts from Bodyline but they are way too short for Lolita, I think my outfit ended up more seifuku-like than Lolita. From now on I'll only wear my brand skirts and dresses, I don't intend to buy main pieces from Bodyline again. It's just a personal choice, I really don't care what other girls wear.

My outfit was pink, brown and off-white, which are my favorite colors in Lolita. I got the chance to wear my Spree Picky necktie and bag too.

The Spree Picky bag is sooo cute I want in every single color. You can get the same bag on their website and use my code "pasteljellybeans" for 10% off.

From all meetings I've attended since I became part of Lolita this was by far the one I felt most comfortable at, I was very talkative that day. This happened because many of the girls who attended the meeting I already knew and the meeting was small. Large groups of people make me nervous. I was glad to see Helena there, I already knew her from outside of Lolita, she is really nice, I hope to see her more often at meetings! I took my Instax with me and we got some pictures together, I decorated them with stickers and I want to give some of them to the girls next time I meet them .

Helena ♡
Bianca ♡
I stole this picture from other girl who posted it on Facebook, this was our group:

Thank You! I had a great time with you all ♡

Another little something I wanted to show you guys: Carol di Dio dessert shop, which I always walked by and finally paid a visit:

This little house has a pink door and window, I always thought it was so pretty. Recently a lady turned it into a dessert shop and café. Since I loved the house I was eager to visit the shop.

The place is really small, I didn't take many indoors pictures because I didn't want to disturb the other clients. They have a great variety of teas and sweets.

I decided to try their macarons and a little fruit tart. I was surprised to find out Carol di Dio's macarons were the best I ever tasted.

I picked the guava, lemon and cinnamon flavors. They all tasted great but cinnamon was by far the one I liked the most, sooo yummy, I could eat a dozen by myself!

The fruit tart was nice but I still prefer Amorim Chéri's on price and flavor!

I can't wait to go back to Carol di Dio for more of her delicious macarons, the cinnamon one has a special place in my heart now.

Thank You For Reading ♡

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Updated Dream Dress list ♡

Hello everyone! If I well remember I posted my Dream Dress list about a year ago, even before I started wearing Lolita, much has changed since then so I'm posting an update.
Before I get started just a few things:
I have countless dresses on my wish-list (most from Angelic Pretty) but I picked some of the ones I want the most now. This list would originally include Sweetie Violet and Usakumya-chan is a Petit Patissier but since I got those prints recently (not the dresses but the skirts) they are not on the "most-wanted" list anymore.
On all the pictures the dresses have my 1st option of color and cut.
I'm gonna start with what has been my ultimate dream dress for a long time, then the 2nd most wanted and on:

Toy March
Melty Cream Doughnuts
Misty Sky

Honey Cake
Petit Patisserie
Lucky Key

My Favorite Ribbon
Thank You for Reading ♡