Sunday, January 3, 2016

Wardrobe Post 2016 ♡

Hello there! This is my first proper wardrobe post after about 1 year and 9 months wearing Lolita. Looking at the pictures my choices might seem a little random, but I don't find what I have difficult to coordinate, every item has it's reason to be. It's still a work in progress, as you can see I don't have enough bags and other things. I tried taking good pictures but the cloudy weather didn't help. My style is mostly "mature" Sweet and Sweet-Classic. I hope you enjoy this post.

Sweetie Violet (Angelic Pretty), French Dot Dream (Angelic Pretty)
Eternal Rose Bouquet (Angelic Pretty), Rose Dress Up (Angelic Pretty)
Sweet Cream Strawberry Days (BTSSB), Usakumya is a Petit Patissiêr (BTSSB)
Sailor skirt (Le Carrousel), Airy Star Gate (Angelic Pretty)
Bunny-chan and Strawberry Snow (BTSSB), Rockabilly Dot (Angelic Pretty)
Dresses ♡
Cherish My Juicy Cherry (BTSSB)
Heart Party (BTSSB, altered by me)
Sweet Cream House (Angelic Pretty)
Promenade de Paris (Angelic Pretty)
French Doll OP (Angelic Pretty)
Blouses ♡
Amavel, Axes Femme
Glass Doll cutsew (Angelic Pretty), off-brand
BTSSB, Magic Tea Party
All Le Carrousel
Bodyline, BTSSB and Metamorphose
Laisse Passe, Fi.n.t
Dream V, Emme
Liz Lisa cape, Angelic Pretty parasol and Putumayo fake fur collar
Leg-wear ♡
Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple Cute, Swimmer and off-brand.
BTSSB Louise Ribbon beret and off-brand
Hats and flower headdresses 
Off-brand and handmade
Hair Accessories 
Campanella, Le Carrousel, Forever 21, Paris Kids and off-brand
Paris Kids, Chocomint, Angelic Pretty and off-brand
Rings: Chocomint, Oh Candy Store, Angelic Pretty, BTSSB and off-brand
Chocomint, Forever 21, Thais Gusmão, handmade and off-brand
Paris Kids, Laundry, Oh Candy Store, Sanrio, handmade and others
Angelic Pretty and SpreePicky
Angelic Pretty
Angelic Pretty
Unicorn Holic, Bodyline and off-brand
Angelic pretty mooks
Coming (hopefully) soon 
Royal Unicorn
Drained Cherry
Drained Cherry headband
Promenade de Paris headbow
Angelic Pretty Sweet Stripe Necklace
BTSSB Le Bouquet Basket Bag

Edit: shipped on January 12th:

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Ai, quanta coisa linda! Eu adoro esse Promenade de Paris :3 E já peço fil com antecedência paras as suas camisas, caso queira vender um dia XD

    1. Obrigada! No momento estou a procura de mais blusas hahaha mas se decidir vender alguma te aviso!

  2. Quanta coisa bonita! *-* Gosto muito de ver posts de wardrobe, são bem inspiradores!


    Goodbye, Johanna

    1. Obrigada, também gosto muito de ver esse tipo de post ^u^

  3. Wow! Such an amazing collection in so little time :D Sweet lolita fits you so well! I hope to see your new coords this year, hugs!

    1. I tried my best to build this wardrobe but I still have a long way to go, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

  4. wardrobe maravilhoso! posts de wardrobe são inspiradores e pra mim ajuda muito a planejar o meu, pois visualizando peças principais e demais acessórios posso aprender como coordenar e comprar peças e cores chaves. estou encantada com as estampas florais e frutais. e a propósito, tbm peço fila com antecedência para o strawberry snow e o sweet cream house <3 caso os venda um dia :D

    1. Obrigada pela visita! Acho improvável que eu venda o Sweet Cream House mas se um dia vender o outro te aviso :)