Friday, April 22, 2016

Barbie Make-Up Review ♡

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to show you my latest make-up purchase. A cosmetic brand from Brazil named Fenzza released a Barbie make-up line. I don't usually buy Brazilian make-up but this collection really caught my eye with it's cute packing and very reasonable prices.

This Barbie make-up line came with all sorts of products: lipsticks, glosses, liquid lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadow palettes and duos, bronzers, etc. I decided to get four of their six liquid lipstick colors and one eyeshadow duo.

I didn't expect much of the products because of their low price tag so when they arrived I was very surprised and pleased to see how high quality they are.

I'm not much of an eyeshadow girl but I couldn't pass up the cute packing so I picked the color duo that seemed the most wearable to me.

The pink eyeshadow is slightly pearly. I'll be wearing it a lot when in Lolita. The dark blue one is matte and well pigmented, this color I'll wear to weddings, parties, etc.
I've already tried the pink eye-shadow on and so far this duo is a 5/5 to me. I'd probably get the other duos if I was more of an eyeshadow fan.

Love, love, love the liquid lipsticks. The packing is pretty and small, which I don't mind, since I have many lipsticks they'll last me long enough.

Nude, Rose, Rosa and Vermelho.
I got them in Nude, Rose, Rosa (pink) and Vermelho (red). The Nude is more of a light pink and the Rose is much more like my natural lip color. The Rosa (pink) is a very girly and vibrant color. The red is absolutely beautiful, they are all very pigmented and worth buying. Of course the colors look different on each person. I personally didn't like the Nude on me, I don't feel pretty wearing lipsticks that are lighter than my natural lip color, it doesn't do any favors to my yellowish skin tone. The red is hands down my favorite and then the Rose which is very wearable and looks very natural on me but I did like the Barbie pink one too.

The lipsticks are also 5/5 in fact I liked those Barbie products so much that I bought a couple more things with my friend and I'll show you as soon as I grab them! I really recommend this line, I ordered from Netfarma and their service is also 5 stars!

Now a few updates: got my Japanese visa! Two more months to go, can't wait and this week was my two year of Lolita anniversary, that went by pretty fast!

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Ai, que lindos! (e que linda ^^)

    Os batons são cremosos ou matte?

    1. Sãooo ficam super secos!! Obrigada ^u^

  2. Nossa que amorzinho, eu tava com bastante medo de comprar pq imaginei que teriam aquela vibe de maquiagem pra criança brincar. Como fica o batom? Fica sequinho?

    1. Não tenha medo, esses produtos são realmente ótimos e o batom fica seco sim :)

  3. Por que seu Instagram é bloqueado ?