Sunday, April 3, 2016

Petit Patisserie and another Easter Meeting ♡

Hello everyone! Last Sunday I attended a second Easter meeting this time organized by a different comm. I didn't have any outfit planned but one with Petit Patisserie, I didn't want to wear it to the meeting because I knew it would be a hot day but I had nothing else planned and I don't like to improvise so I was counting on the air conditioner I thought we would be provided with.

The meeting was at Tea Connection, which is just a few blocks from my house and a place that I usually enjoy but after this meeting I don't think I'll be ever going to Tea Conncetion again.

The second floor was reserved for our comm, it was small and it got pretty crowded and I can cope with that. What I cannot handle is the AC being broken on a 32 C degree day in Lolita. That's right, the AC was broken, they were not willing to accommodate us on the 1st floor and we were poorly served and some of the girls were even mistreated by the employees.

I ordered a "You Berry" drink, as usual and a quinoa salad which took forever to arrive. It isn't a cheap place and even though we were spending money there the staff couldn't care less about our group. I was a regular client of Tea Connection, but mostly went there to dine with my boyfriend, but after this experience I won't be going back there.

However, I still had a lot of fun at the meeting. I thank Layla for organizing it, she did her best so we all could have an enjoyable evening and everything that went bad Tea Connection is to blame. Some of my closest lolita friends attended the meeting and I had the opportunity to talk with so many people I like, which doensn't always happen.

Wearing my Petit Patisserie for the first time was awesome, I felt really pretty, it's a shame it was so hot so I couldn't keep from sweating though :(

I kept my outfit simple and polished as I like, toned down and with just a couple of accessories. Wearing such a dream print doesn't require much.

Don't look good in any of the pictures though ;-; what a shame. It never ceases to amaze me how unphotogenic I am.

Dress: Angelic Pretty
Bow: Angelic Pretty
Beret: Accessorize
Ring: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Others: off-brand

I also got a few things! Bianca gave the cutest present: a bear brooch made by herself that is so amazingly cute and creative. I bought two pins from Victoria too!

Overall I really liked the meeting, even with heat, but I really hope we won't be going through that ever again, next time I will make sure to call the place to check if their air conditioning is fully operating before I put a wig and a long sleeve blouse on.

Before I go, just a couple of Lolita-related news: I already have my new passport yay! And less than three months to Japan, less than a hundred days of hard hard work. Another new is: I bought a Melty Cream Doughnut skirt. If you've been reading my blog since I started it you are probably very aware of how obsessed I am with that print and not being able to get my hands on the dress (yet) I gave in and treated myself the skirt, it's waiting for me in Japan and it should serve me well during my month there since it's going to be Summer, yep, seems like I am haunted by high temperatures so I better just make the best of it!

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Muuito fofo esse meeting! Amei te ver, adoro conversar com você! Seu outfit estava uma gracinha, como sempre!

    Mas o local tava infernal mesmo, uma pena.

  2. Que pena o atendimento ter sido ruim D:
    Eu ia ficar chateadíssima com o ar condicionado também G_G