Saturday, May 14, 2016

Update Dream Dress List ♡

Hello! Time to update my Dream Dress List, now I'm more educated with the actual concept of a dream dress, which is not only a dress on your wishlist but a dress you are willing to go a little further to get your hands on. I'm also checking Petit Patisserie out of the list since now I own it and Misty Sky, Chibi Tenshi was able to grab me the navy OP during the re-re-re-release, also changing my preferred color-way for Melty Cream Doughnuts because I got the pink skirt. So here is the list of DD's I'm yet to get:


I've wanted this dress ever since I laid my eyes on it, I'd be more than happy with the pink one too.

Lucky Key

A release I originally ignored but it grew on me to the point it became a real priority (it's a tie with Lotta), Only this cut will do.

Melty Cream Doughnuts

Another one of the first dresses I felt in love with, since I got the pink skirt now I'd like to get the OP or regular JSK in any color but pink, mint would be my first pick followed by ivory.

Honey Cake

The dress that got me in Lolita! At the very beginning it was my highest priority but it soon lost the throne to Toy March, I'd be more than pleased with the yellow colorway too.

Toy March

I am obsessed with Toy March, only the navy or the green JSK will do it, I'd buy it in Ivory but would still seek after the navy. I'm pretty sure that it will forever be my ultimate dream dress.

I'd wouldn't say those are Dream Dresses but also on the top of my wishlist:

Angelic Pretty:
British Bear
Sweetie Violet OP/JSK
Cameo Window JSK (red)
Romantic Rose Letter JSK/skirt (lavender)
Bookmark JSK
Cream Cookie Collection (ivory)
Melty Ribbon Chocolate JSK/skirt (bitter)
Charlotte's Bear (ivory or black)
Sweetie Chandelier (ivory)
Victorian Letter tiered JSK (ivory)

Other brands:
Snow White (BTSSB)
Bambi de la Foret (BTSSB)
Salon de té Minette OP (BTSSB, mint/sax)
Queen's Coach JSK (AaTP, red/pink)
Marie Rose OP (IW)
Tea Time Corset (IW, pink)
Meal Time OP (Vierge Vampur)
Apple Blossom (Lief, lavender)

Biscuit print (ETC, lavender)
Chocolatier print (ETC, yellow)
Patisserie print (ETC)
Teaspoon print (ETC)
Cutlery & Doughnuts print (ETC)
Cream Tart print (ETC)
Biscuits & Chocolates OP (ETC)
Doughnut print (Leur Getter)
Bambi & Brooch print OP (Leur Getter)
Strawberry Label (Jane Marple)
Woodland Path (Mulberry Chronicles)
Tea Emblem (Peppermint Fox)

Thank you for reading 


  1. I've seen Lotta up on Lacemarket, Yahoo Auctions and Mbok quite often. It's never particularly cheap, the cheapest I've seen being about what, 500 US dollars? But it's definitely coming up for sale a lot more than some of the other ones. The reason I know that is a friend of mine also really, really loves Lotta and wants it badly, so for a while I looked for it when I was on the hunt for my own dream dresses. :P Good luck hunting them down, I hope you manage.

    1. I've seen the brown one recently for retail price but I passed since I'm not fond of the brown one, my friend has the pink one and she got it on Lacemarket too for pretty expensive :( I think it's less hyped in Japan so I hope to find it there with some luck maybe? Thank you for stopping by once again <3

  2. Currently I'm hunting for Elisabeth Unicorn in red but no luck :/ Hope you get all your dream dresses soon!

    1. Good to know, I don't think it will be to hard to find, just keep an eye out, I'll let you know if I see one for sale, I have a great memory to remember other girl's dream dresses! Thank you :3