Thursday, August 25, 2016

Japan Trip Day 6: Exploring Kyoto ♡

On our first full day Kyoto we squeezed as much as we could on our schedule. Starting with Nishiki Market, a long covered street with tons of little shops selling mostly traditional items and street food. Like baby octopuses on a stick and colorful wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery).

Bought some of the pretty wagashi.
We found a Wego on our way there. I was so happy to find the pink glittery key-chain that was sold out elsewhere. I'm using it for my room's key. Bought a little heart brooch too, love everything that glitters.

Somewhere close to the market there was a drug store where I found the cute Minnie and Daisy false lashes.

Soon we were off to Gion, also known as "the geisha district", bare in mind that it was Sunday, the place was crowded as hell so we didn't explore much.

I really don't recommend visiting this place on a Sunday, it's nice to see the Japanese people wearing their kimonos and yukatas but there were way too many people and the Summer heat didn't help.
By the way I think Japanese girls look their prettiest wearing the traditional clothes, the men look good too, but kimonos and hair up-dos with flowers make the Japanese women look so beautiful. However, when it's a non-Asian trying to pull off that look it's just lame, in my opinion.

I did some shopping in Kyoto too, Angelic Pretty wasn't far from Gion-shijo station.

The Kyoto store is gorgeous, it's all hot pink and has a more mature vibe. I was treated just fine by the staff and got myself some accessories.

Charlotte's Bear Badge Ribbon brooch in black, gorgeous, perfect to pair with my Heart Party JSK from Baby, Charlotte's Bear JSK is on my wishlist and I'm open for the black colorway so that's good too. This kind of brooch is really versatile, you can pin them to your beret, your dress, etc got myself the Melt Crown Chocolate brooch in pink to expand my chocolate inventory and British Stripe ankle socks for my, then recently acquired, University OP.

I wasn't looking for Sanrio but since we found it I had to take a look and one thing leads to the other:

I've been really into My Melody lately, it was probably the character I got the most merch of in Japan.

Got a Cinnamoroll watch I've been wanting since I saw it on their website, paper clips, stationery, etc.

Our hotel was close to Fushimi Inari, so we went back there, left all the shopping bags and walked to the temple. It wasn't until we got there that I realized what we were up too.

The place is huge, the tori path is built on a mountain and it takes time and energy to climb to the top. 

We only made it to the second view point, it was already getting dark, we were exhausted, but in my opinion Fushimi Inari is one of Japan's must-visit places and I do intend to go back there someday and climb the rest of that mountain.

After that we went back to the hotel, I was really sore from all the walking, which I did on flip-flops, dumb me didn't care to bring a comfortable pair of shoes. Looking back it seems that we did little but I still have fresh in my mind how we pushed ourselves to do as much as we could.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Japan Trip Day 5: Cute deer in Miyajima and AP Hiroshima ♡

The fifth day was kind of hectic, we had to see whatever there was to see in Hiroshima and get to Kyoto by the end of the day, so we got up early and headed to Miyajima island using our JR passes.

Miyajima is quite beautiful, I wonder how it looks during Spring, certainly everything looks better on Spring in Japan, but for Summer the sightseeing at Miyajima sure wasn't too shabby.

And the deer, they were all over the island, spreading cuteness and eating maps, like literally, they would approach the tourists and take the maps out their hands and chew the whole thing. Whatever seemed somewhat edible to them would be attacked. Like this:

Yep, he chewed my shirt and wouldn't let it go until he realized that it wasn't food.

We also witnessed a group of deer working together to steal a plastic bag that was inside a girl's backpack and eat the sandwich in the bag. But other than that they are pretty friendly creatures:

The souvenir shops were filled with deer-themed items and momiji manju, the local delicacy.

I didn't buy much though, just some lemon flavored sweets: Pocky and chewy candy:

Loved visiting Miyajima I wish I could pet the deer all day long but we had to go back to Hiroshima to visit the Memorial Peace Museum.

Next to the domed building there were several English-speaking volunteers guiding the tourists, I chatted a bit with a Japanese lady who showed me some pictures of Hiroshima before the bombing and then we headed to the museum. I didn't take any pictures there, obviously but being a WWI and II enthusiast visiting the museum was quite an experience .

Now there was only one thing left to do in Hiroshima: go back to Angelic Pretty.

A cute shop girl wearing Baked Sweets Parade helped me and I tried on Eternal Carnival, Shadow Dream Carnival, a black non-print OP and University OP. I really liked Eternal Carnival on but thought it was a tad bit too Sweet for me so I decided on the University OP.

Immediately after the purchase of this dress I started to feel a little anxious, I really wanted to stick with my wishlist and I had just bought a dress I never cared much for before. But now I completely changed my mind, after trying on at home with matching accessories I really like this dress and I think it's my style I plan to wear this pretty soon if the weather allows.

I got a red Twinkle Sky headbow too, I don't have any excuses for this one, 100% impulse buy.

I loved Hiroshima and I had wonderful experiences there but I couldn't wait to see Kyoto, we arrived there pretty late and after some trouble finding the hotel we decided to stay in and rest, we would have plenty of time to explore the city on the next two days.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Japan Trip Day 4: Angelic Pretty Osaka and Hiroshima ♡

The 4th day in Japan was very busy, we woke up early and walked all the way from our hotel to
Angelic Pretty Osaka, it would be my first time visiting the physical store of my favorite brand so I was glowing in excitement. We got there way too early and I literally had to seat and wait at Starbucks for an hour and a half, at least I got to try their Baked Cheesecake Frappuccino not before taking an exclusive picture with the iconic Angelic Pretty store-front before open hours, it even featured an odd graffiti.

I was also very excited to check out Closet Child Osaka which was nearby so I sat on Starbucks facing the store waiting for the lights to turn on. I didn't take any pictures of Closet Child but let me say, the Osaka store is the best in my opinion: it was big, as in spacious, organized, really easy to browse, the staff was alright, they let me try in everything I wanted and there was a petticoat in the fitting room that you could wear to try the dresses. I tried three Lolita JSKs: one from Baby, that didn't look any good on me, Fantastic Carnival in sax and Mercator Antique Shop in navy. Both are amazing on the body, Angelic Pretty really is my brand, but I felt like Fantastic Carnival was way too sweet for my style and I wasn't ready to drop 35,800 yen on Mercator even though I really liked the dress and how it looked on me, I still had six Lolita second-hand shops to visit so I didn't want to spend so much money on my 4th day in Japan. It was good that I tried the dress on anyways, when I see it for sale online I'll make sure to grab it knowing that I liked it in person.

However, I didn't leave the store empty-handed. I also tried on a few Otome dresses and fell in love with Leur Getter's Ice Candy print OP. It has such a beautiful shade of lavender, perfect for Summer.

I found a really nice chiffon bolero from Innocent World in a color that is a hit on my wardrobe. It's still wrinkled from the trip, I packed most of my Lolita haul in those bags you vacuum to make them shrink.

Got an Angelic Pretty biscuit ring to go with my Sweet Cream House and a Q-pot ring that was on my wishlist!

And this is the story of how I got my first Leur Getter, my first IW and my first Q-pot.

Now it was time for Angelic Pretty, I entered the store already knowing what I wanted: the Girly Heart Bag in silver, to match Misty Sky and Airy Star Gate. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the bag in person, but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it, it's way prettier and shinier than in the stock pictures, I wouldn't mind getting the pink one as well, it's a gorgeous and versatile bag.

I didn't take too long at Angelic Pretty, got my bag, took a look around the store, which was tiny but very cute, as expected, and left. There were two shop girls at the occasion and they treated me just fine.

I have a problem trying to keep my eyes open when it's too sunny so I don't look good in any of the pictures.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a few stores and I bought a couple other things. I also included on the picture bellow some items that I know I bought in Osaka but forgot to add on my previous posts: glittery key key-chain and pastel fruits socks from Wego, socks from a store in Namba, My Melody shaped paper clips and case, My Melody mirror and two brooches.

On that same day we started using our JR passes to get to our next city: Hiroshima. Our hotel was just a few blocks from the Hiroshima station. It was called Urbain (yes, "Urbain" with the "i") Hotel Hiroshima and it was the best place we stayed in Japan, sadly, only for one night. We didn't know what to do with the rest of our day when we arrived, it was already past 5 pm, we went to the Genbaku Dome Park, the place that is all-together the park, the memorial, the museum and everything else in tribute to the atomic bomb victims. It was really peaceful and even beautiful at the park, we took many pictures but decided to visit the museum on the following day since it was about to close.

Hiroshima is really pretty, even though it has this kinda weird vibe, on the picture bellow you can see the famous domed building where the atomic bomb was dropped.

We did some exploring near the park and we came across this place, most of what they sold was cat themed.

Too bad it was almost closing when we found it so I didn't get much time to browse.

Thought it was only fair to get myself a little cat souvenir and brought a cute spoon home.

At the mall we got many trinkets from gacha machines, I also visited AP Hiroshima on that day but decided to go back another time to see what I wanted to buy, I was hungry and tired and didn't feel like trying on clothes.

Sailor Moon mirrors, Sumiko Gurashi tiny plate and Creamy Mami figurine.
Finally, we lined up at a Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki place for dinner. I was craving a decent meal.

I didn't get a cute picture of our food, but Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki (made with noodles) is the best okonomiyaki and that's all you need to know. The place we went was called Nagataya and I highly recommend it, they even had a vegan menu.

After dinner we went back to our hotel, it was already pretty late and the following day would be even busier!

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