Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Japan Trip Day 2: Universal Studios and shopping ♡

We planned to go to Universal Studios on the second day of our trip, it was somewhat a bad choice since we were still tired, but we pushed ourselves as much as we could.
On our way there I took this picture, I wish we had pretty manholes here too, some of them were even colorful:

I bet every tourist does that.
The Universal Studios Japan surroundings are already pretty cool, with nice, colorful storefronts. We soon spotted the park's entrance and asked another tourist to take a polaroid of us.

As we waited in line to buy our tickets something caught my eye, a girl came visit the park wearing a super glitzy black dress and a pair of bejeweled heels that were extremely high. I seriously wonder how they do it, I tried to dress the most comfortable I could and still, not comfortable enough.
Also, I knew about it, but it was fun to see that in person anyway, the couples and groups with their matching outfits.
The thing I was most excited about the park was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I've been a fan of the series since I was 11 so it was kind of a huge deal. The first souvenir shop we entered had a Harry Potter themed section. I immediately put on Gryffindor's cape and scarf and grabbed Luna Lovegood's wand (she's my all time favorite character). And then, when I saw myself on the mirror I started tearing up, shame on me.

It took us a while to get to TWOHP though, first I waited my boyfriend to finish riding the Jurassic Park roller-coaster or something. I didn't want to go, I'm scared of rides that have sudden drops, loops, etc, basically all fun rides are not fun to me.

There was a part of the park that was all colorful and cute, full of Hello Kitty, Sesame Street and Snoopy.

The weather soon started to change, it got rainy and cloudy, we didn't have an umbrella with us, the best I could was putting on my boyfriend's cap to keep my hair from getting frizzy.

The Easter decorations were very cute but I thought it was lazy of the park's administration that they were still there. It was already July.

We didn't stay long at the colorful and cute part, I just bought some Snoopy souvenirs for my mom (she's a big fan) and left.
When we finally arrived at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter I was so excited that I didn't even mind the rain. I wanted to browse all the shops and ride all the rides.

I loved Honeydukes the most. Wish I could bring all their colorful candy but decided on the Pumpkin Juice bottle as a souvenir. The Bertie Botts Beans seemed very appealing too.

Looking like a total mess at this point.
It was hard to take good pictures because the souvenir shops are usually very crowded.

Madame Puddifoot's tea shop was too adorable to be real that's why it was just a fake storefront, still worthy of many pictures.

When we couldn't ignore our empty stomachs any longer we lined up again to eat at the Three Broomsticks. My boyfriend ordered the fish and chips and butterbear and I ordered the Shepherd's Pie and lemonade, everything was delicious.

It was our first decent meal since the airplane, one of the few we had because we kept stuffing ourselves with Family Mart oniguiris from the first to the last day.

The Hogwarts castle was actually the big ride. I didn't care what the ride was going to be, I had to go.

The line was pretty huge and at some point the rain got even harder. Then something really nice happened, I'll always remember all the interactions we had with Japanese people that stood out, the good and the bad. The girl in front of us offered her umbrella, she got herself under her friend's umbrella and handed hers to us and she insisted for us to use it! That was extremely nice of her because she didn't have to this she just did it as an act of kindness and I'm so grateful people like this girl exist, even though all I could do was bow down and say "domo arigato gozaimasu".
Our turn to ride finally came and all I can say the ride is amazing and very very exciting, although I screamed a lot because it was a tiny bit more than I can take. I don't want to spoil it for you in case you are visiting the park someday so I won't get into detail.

We tried to ignore the rain the best we could but it got to a point that it was impossible, we didn't have an umbrella or raincoats, but it wasn't only the rain, we were tired and my feet really hurt. It's a shame we didn't get to enjoy the park as much as we wanted, when we left it wasn't even dark yet. I hope I can go back to the park someday, there was so much that we didn't get to explore.

We searched many souvenir shops, my boyfriend got his family presents. All I bought was Harry Potter, the socks and pumpukin juice and the scarf was a present from my boyfriend to me ♡

Socks and scarf don't match ;-;
I took a shower as soon as we got to the hotel, but we didn't rest much. I was exhausted but eager to go to the first Lolita shop I planned visiting in Japan, which was a 20 minute walk from the hotel, Maiden Clothing.

Maiden Clothing, just like their online shop, gives a different vibe than most Lolita second hand shops I know. The store is busy and loud and the clothes don't seem as well kept, as in for example, Closet Child.
I only cared to browse carefully the Angelic Pretty and Otome racks and gave a quick look on Innocent World's and Baby's to see if any dress I wanted was peeking out. But no, they didn't have anything on my wishlist but the Puppy and Rosette OP by Leur Getter which was so overpriced that I didn't even asked to try on. There was a gorgeous, deep green, Angelic Pretty cardigan, but it seemed way too worn out for almost 6,000 yen which I would have happily paid if the cardigan was in mint condition.
My only purchase ended being this Angelic Pretty ring, I love red and blue together and one of my shopping goals for this trip was to get more Lolita jewelry:

After Maiden Clothing, as if we were not tired enough, we still gathered energy and courage to explore Don Quijote. The store was packed with Koreans, since they offered tax free, people were buying like crazy, you could go there past midnight and the place would still be crowded. I saw many interesting things at Donki, I wish I had unlimited space in my suitcase to bring all that cute stuff you can only find in Japan:

Like this My Melody fabric softner.
I found the Sana Hadanomy line there, I had been using their collagen cream for a while, since I was almost running out of it I grabbed a new one with the collagen mist. I love buying stuff for the house, so I couldn't resist the fancy fabric refresher too. The My Melodies are hair clips, I still regret not getting Cinnamoroll's.

And here is some candy I bought on that day, the top row items I got from different kombinis we visited and the bottom two I got at Donki. I'm not sure if this is all I bought on Day 2 though.

And that's it for our second day in Japan! I clearly remember walking back to the hotel, holding my boyfriend's arm, barely being able to walk so here's my advice: bring shoes that are actually comfortable, even if they don't look stylish or cute.

My next post is going to be a huge haul, I call the third day the "heavy shopping day".

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Legal que vcs ocuparam bastante o dia de vcs, assim aproveita bem a viagem!! O Beco Diagonal deve ser mágico!! *u* Parece tudo tão divertido!!! x3

    1. Realmente era mágico, valeu a pena ter ido até lá por ele :)

  2. Uma pena que o Madam Puddifoot's não seja uma loja real ;-; é o lugar mais fofinho de todos...

    1. Eu acho que na dos EUA é real, mas lá era só a frente mesmo :( eu ia surtar se fosse de verdade também hahaha