Saturday, August 20, 2016

Japan Trip Day 5: Cute deer in Miyajima and AP Hiroshima ♡

The fifth day was kind of hectic, we had to see whatever there was to see in Hiroshima and get to Kyoto by the end of the day, so we got up early and headed to Miyajima island using our JR passes.

Miyajima is quite beautiful, I wonder how it looks during Spring, certainly everything looks better on Spring in Japan, but for Summer the sightseeing at Miyajima sure wasn't too shabby.

And the deer, they were all over the island, spreading cuteness and eating maps, like literally, they would approach the tourists and take the maps out their hands and chew the whole thing. Whatever seemed somewhat edible to them would be attacked. Like this:

Yep, he chewed my shirt and wouldn't let it go until he realized that it wasn't food.

We also witnessed a group of deer working together to steal a plastic bag that was inside a girl's backpack and eat the sandwich in the bag. But other than that they are pretty friendly creatures:

The souvenir shops were filled with deer-themed items and momiji manju, the local delicacy.

I didn't buy much though, just some lemon flavored sweets: Pocky and chewy candy:

Loved visiting Miyajima I wish I could pet the deer all day long but we had to go back to Hiroshima to visit the Memorial Peace Museum.

Next to the domed building there were several English-speaking volunteers guiding the tourists, I chatted a bit with a Japanese lady who showed me some pictures of Hiroshima before the bombing and then we headed to the museum. I didn't take any pictures there, obviously but being a WWI and II enthusiast visiting the museum was quite an experience .

Now there was only one thing left to do in Hiroshima: go back to Angelic Pretty.

A cute shop girl wearing Baked Sweets Parade helped me and I tried on Eternal Carnival, Shadow Dream Carnival, a black non-print OP and University OP. I really liked Eternal Carnival on but thought it was a tad bit too Sweet for me so I decided on the University OP.

Immediately after the purchase of this dress I started to feel a little anxious, I really wanted to stick with my wishlist and I had just bought a dress I never cared much for before. But now I completely changed my mind, after trying on at home with matching accessories I really like this dress and I think it's my style I plan to wear this pretty soon if the weather allows.

I got a red Twinkle Sky headbow too, I don't have any excuses for this one, 100% impulse buy.

I loved Hiroshima and I had wonderful experiences there but I couldn't wait to see Kyoto, we arrived there pretty late and after some trouble finding the hotel we decided to stay in and rest, we would have plenty of time to explore the city on the next two days.

Thank you for reading ♡

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