Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Update Room Tour ♡

Hello everyone! I'm so glad I had time to make so many posts during my work vacations, actually I used most of my free days trying to do a little bedroom makeover, which included lots of re-organizing and wall painting. The only thing I haven't finished are my cushions, I bought five cushions that are not in the pictures and I still need to make their cases, so the bed looks really plain. I might still change one thing or another but this is the final room decor I'll have, I'll be only changing my room when I also move out from home. 
I apologize in advance because the pictures are not high quality, I tried using a camera but I didn't like the result, I hope you still enjoy the pictures. If you want you can check my previous room tour here
The intention of this post is not bragging, I did almost everything by myself, including painting the walls, cleaning up, re-organizing and also bought my stuff with my money that I work really hard for.
It's not a perfect room like those you see on Tumblr or Pinterest but I did my best and I hope you like it.

You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

2016 Updated Room Tour

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

One skirt, four seasons ♡

Hello everyone! This week's theme on Lolita Blog Carnival was very challenging. We had to create four different outfits for each season using the same main piece. As you already know, I like to use my own clothes for this type of post so it took me a long while to decide which skirt or dress I was going to use. I picked Usakumya-chan is a Petit Patissiêr from BTSSB first because I think the fabric, colors and print are not too season-specific and secondly because I bought this skirt over a year ago and I never got the chance to wear it. Looking back at the pictures I feel like I repeated myself (small wardrobe problems) but managed to put together four wearable outfits for all the seasons.
I also think it's important to add that the seasons work differently where I live. I'm from the Southeast of Brazil and here is pretty much like this: the year starts hot as hell, towards May it starts to get a little bit chilly and stays like this until September and then it gets hot as hell again. We can't see the seasons changing like in the Northern Hemisphere. And we can never predict how the weather is going to be in a certain day, you always need to carry an umbrella and a light jacket because here you never know. We do have some occasional cold days: 8 to 14 degrees at the very minimum, temperature rarely drops under that mark in Brazil. But living in a tropical country, being used to warm temperatures, 14 degrees Celsius is enough to make me need to wear my most wintery pieces.

Summer ♡

Skirt: BTSSB, Blouse: Amavel, Parasol: Angelic Pretty, Shoes: Bodyline, Bag: Spree Picky Accessories: off-brand.

Sometimes I feel we have an all-year-round Summer, making Lolita very uncomfortable to wear, but we still want to keep up with the meetings, always searching for places with good air conditioning. Summer is the season when it rains the most too so I try to carry my parasol not only to protect me from the sun but any eventual Summer rain. The temperature here usually stays around 30 degrees during Summer-time so it's best to keep it simple.

Fall ♡

Blouse: Amavel. Bolero: Metamorphose, Bag: Angelic Pretty, Accessories: Campanella, BTSSB, off-brand.

During fall the weather ranges from warm to chilly. The outfit I put together for Fall is my favorite, I actually bought the sax bolero to wear with Usakumya-chan is a Petit Patissiêr. The oxford shoes bring a more mature feeling to balance the Sweetness of the print and the bear bag.

Winter ♡

Cape: Liz Lisa, Shoes: Bodyline, Bag: AP,  Accessories: off-brand.

I was lucky that my most wintery piece, the Liz Lisa cape, goes really well with that skirt. Here I'm using pink tights and gold accents. I feel the cape needs a brooch, If I only had this BTSSB rosette, it would balance out the colors perfectly.

Spring ♡

Cardigan: Fi.n.t, Blouse: Amavel, Accessories: off-brand.

For Spring I used the Summer outfit base, removing the parasol and adding a light weight lavender cardigan, I pinned matching bows on the ankle socks too.

I think I would wear all of those outfits, this challenge was great to make me come up with ways to wear Usakumya-chan is a Petit Patissiêr. Which one was your favorite?

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Wardrobe Post 2016 ♡

Hello there! This is my first proper wardrobe post after about 1 year and 9 months wearing Lolita. Looking at the pictures my choices might seem a little random, but I don't find what I have difficult to coordinate, every item has it's reason to be. It's still a work in progress, as you can see I don't have enough bags and other things. I tried taking good pictures but the cloudy weather didn't help. My style is mostly "mature" Sweet and Sweet-Classic. I hope you enjoy this post.

Sweetie Violet (Angelic Pretty), French Dot Dream (Angelic Pretty)
Eternal Rose Bouquet (Angelic Pretty), Rose Dress Up (Angelic Pretty)
Sweet Cream Strawberry Days (BTSSB), Usakumya is a Petit Patissiêr (BTSSB)
Sailor skirt (Le Carrousel), Airy Star Gate (Angelic Pretty)
Bunny-chan and Strawberry Snow (BTSSB), Rockabilly Dot (Angelic Pretty)
Dresses ♡
Cherish My Juicy Cherry (BTSSB)
Heart Party (BTSSB, altered by me)
Sweet Cream House (Angelic Pretty)
Promenade de Paris (Angelic Pretty)
French Doll OP (Angelic Pretty)
Blouses ♡
Amavel, Axes Femme
Glass Doll cutsew (Angelic Pretty), off-brand
BTSSB, Magic Tea Party
All Le Carrousel
Bodyline, BTSSB and Metamorphose
Laisse Passe, Fi.n.t
Dream V, Emme
Liz Lisa cape, Angelic Pretty parasol and Putumayo fake fur collar
Leg-wear ♡
Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple Cute, Swimmer and off-brand.
BTSSB Louise Ribbon beret and off-brand
Hats and flower headdresses 
Off-brand and handmade
Hair Accessories 
Campanella, Le Carrousel, Forever 21, Paris Kids and off-brand
Paris Kids, Chocomint, Angelic Pretty and off-brand
Rings: Chocomint, Oh Candy Store, Angelic Pretty, BTSSB and off-brand
Chocomint, Forever 21, Thais Gusmão, handmade and off-brand
Paris Kids, Laundry, Oh Candy Store, Sanrio, handmade and others
Angelic Pretty and SpreePicky
Angelic Pretty
Angelic Pretty
Unicorn Holic, Bodyline and off-brand
Angelic pretty mooks
Coming (hopefully) soon 
Royal Unicorn
Drained Cherry
Drained Cherry headband
Promenade de Paris headbow
Angelic Pretty Sweet Stripe Necklace
BTSSB Le Bouquet Basket Bag

Edit: shipped on January 12th:

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