Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lolita Easter Meeting ♡

Hello there! Long time no see, I've been absent for so many reasons. I didn't attend any meetings or wore Lolita this year until yesterday and I've been extremely busy! Before I talk a little bit about the Easter meeting our Kawaii Ambassador hosted yesterday let me tell you the news!
I've been working a lot and studying a lot, now I have Japanese classes on college and private Japanese classes on Fridays, I know little Japanese but it's impressive how much I've learned in just one month, I'm very excited about learning a 4th language even though I don't know much yet.
Big news is that the little knowledge I have on Japanese language is going to be useful soon since I'm going to Japan on June 27th and I'll be traveling to many different cities with my boyfriend there, we are going to stay for 30 days!
Since I'm going to Japan in three months I've been refraining to buy Lolita, specially from overseas, my last purchase was one of my dream dresses, Petit Patisserie, which I bought using Chibi Tenshi shopping service and it was a positive experience. I ended up buying my dream shoes on Yahoo japan yesterday, the Chelsea Ribbon Shoes from Angelic Pretty in pink, it was a one time only opportunity so I gave in but now I'll try my best not to buy anything before I go to Japan.

So yesterday our Kawaii Ambassador, Akemi, hosted an Easter Tea Party at Tea Kettle, one of our favorite tea houses. I wanted to go because I love her tea parties, which tend to be smaller, and I hadn't worn Lolita since December! Unfortunately fall hasn't begun to show it's colors yet and we were surprised with a Summer-hot day, my outfit wasn't weather appropriate at all because I planned something autumn-y.

Had to wear this skirt! It had been sitting on my closet for over a year because I didn't have the right things to coord it with, after the blue bolero arrived I had no more excuses and was only waiting for the opportunity to wear it out. I just changed the Baby macaron ring for the gold bunny one, for obvious reasons, I was also wearing tiny gold bunny earrings.

Bolero: Metamorphose
Blouse: Amavel
Skirt: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Others: off-brand

Didn't manage to look good on any of the pictures, oh well...I'm happy with how the coord turned out, wish I had a better wig, wish I was more successful applying my make-up, wish the shoes color was more of a chocolate brown, because I love to nitpick myself. I loved wearing my Usakumya-chan is a Petit Patissier skirt, I managed to tone it down to Sweet-Classic and kept admiring the print during the meeting. I originally wanted the JSK in pink but now I'm happy with the skirt in blue/ivory.

Enough about my outfit, seems like all my meet-up posts are about me rambling about what I wore haha. The tea party was quite fun, I didn't enjoy the savory buffet nearly as much the sweet one, but it was still okay. Loved the matcha cake, red velvet cake and the pink iced tea.

I love Tea Kettle, but any meeting held on a hot day requires air conditioning, wish I had known that better before I planned my outfit.

Before the meeting ended we played a very random quiz, there were Lolita questions and even a RuPaul's Drag Race one! I'm very competitive so turns out I was one of the 4 girls to "win" and then there was a giveaway for the winners and I ended up winning Easter chocolate eggs made by my friend Helena who is a patissiêr, also won a cute Easter egg charm by Chok & Berry.

All the attendees of the Easter Tea Party were gifted mini doughnuts and could choose between two flavors of pão de mel, I got both because my boyfriend gave me his hehe.

I had a pleasant afternoon at Tea Kettle, even though I was hot and very sleepy the iced tea and yummy cakes made up for it!

Group pictures were taken as well, the above is by fellow lolita Aline Arie. You can barely see me, because being tall I'm always on the back of group pictures but that's okay because I'm not very photogenic.

I'll be attending the other comm's Easter meeting on the 3rd so I hope to blog about that soon!

Thank you for reading ♡