Sunday, June 19, 2016

Latest outfits and life updates ♡

Hello everyone! I've been absent for sooo long and today I'm posting just to show you my latest outfits and give some life updates. On May 29th I met some Lolita friends at Faire la Bombe/Chez Moná. Here's what I wore:

I look like an owl o-o
I love love love this navy and lavender outfit, it's one of my favorites so far, so simple and elegant, just wish I had a better wig/make-up day at the occasion. On the picture bellow the colors are completely washed but at least it's a full shot. I do have navy Lolita shoes that could've made this my most color balanced coordinate ever, but I went with the brown oxfords to "break the matchy-matchiness" and also because they are more elegant. The OTKS and the cardigan were made for each other and I had a bow barrette that was the same shade of grayish lavender (too bad the picture doesn't show). I hated wearing OTKS though, I had to pull them up all the time and that made me extremely annoyed.

Sailor skirt: Le Carrousel
Cardigan: Fi.n.t
Blouse: Amavel
Socks: Angelic Pretty (Dramatic Rose OTKS)
Everything else: off-brand

Éclairs we had at Faire La Bombe, mine was the amazing blueberry one ♡

Yesterday I went to my friend's birthday party at the karaoke I was there for only a couple of hours and didn't have much time to plan an outfit so I just wore one of my ready-to-go coordinates.

I did change a few things though, instead of wearing the navy beret I wore a red one and ditched the ankle socks and wore tights instead because it was quite cold. I didn't have a matching bag so I took my giant Rilakkuma's head bag and put on a wig I hadn't worn in such a long time.

I took this picture after the meeting hence my dull, tired face.
Skirt: Angelic Pretty's Airy Star Gate
Brooch: Angelic Pretty
Ring: Chocomint
Shoes: Unicorn Holic
Others: off-brand

And here is the super adorable brooch I bought from my friend and picked up yesterday at the party:

I have the perfect outfit for this cutie.

Now some life updates: I've been sick, then I got better and right after I got a broken tooth, which is causing me pain and trouble and I have only one week left to Japan. I'm so excited for Japan but so scared at the same time, I hope I'll recover just in time for the trip. I'm going on another round of antibiotics, I just finished taking then for 10 days and now I need to take them for 7 more, I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired, I just want to enjoy my holidays that I worked so hard and waited so much for. Anyway, one more week to go, I'll pick up all my amazing clothes that are there and buy more amazing stuff and discover so much of Japan. This is my last post before the trip and I'll be there for a whole month, once I'm back brace yourselves for Japan-related posts season, I'm sure I'll have a lot to talk about.

Thank you for reading ♡