Monday, October 17, 2016

Japan Trip Day 10: Exploring Nagoya ♡

On the 10th day we caught the shinkansen to Nagoya, we were just going to spend the day there and go back to Hamamatsu at night. We wanted to make the most of our JR passes and had a pretty good reason to visit Nagoya: Violet Blue, one of my favorite places to buy Lolita second-hand, I've bought from their website several times and now it was time to visit their physical store.

One thing I noticed when we arrived in Nagoya was that we could occasionally hear Portuguese in the trains coming out of the speakers! That's because there's a large Brazilian community living there. Another thing is that every time we would enter a bookshop there was Brazilian music playing, but not only in Nagoya but all the cities we visited, sometimes it would play in restaurants and stores.

On our way to Violet Blue we stopped for a quick lunch at a random restaurant, We ordered tomato and egg sandwiches and then shared a matcha parfait.

Matcha parfaits are probably some of the best things we had in Japan, so yummy, I wish we had that here. After lunch we shopped at Coucou, a store you can find all over Japan, more or less, because Hamamatsu didn't have one. I bought two air freshers at Coucou and a few other things.

Cute zip-lock bags, band-aids featuring vintage toys and a box with the cutest tea bags ever, I already gave some of them to friends that's why the box looks empty, I haven't tried them myself yet.

When we got to the place Violet Blue was supposed to be we found out that the store moved locations. We asked about it to the girls working on the ice cream shop nearby and one of them was nice enough to walk us to the new store. She was so incredibly kind to do that I thanked her at least three times before she left.

Violet Blue had a few good things on stock but since they were still setting up and the changing room was not ready to use I had to try everything with all my clothes underneath. Maybe that's why their ivory Twinkle Sky OP didn't fit me. I've had Angelic Pretty dresses being short on me at almost all times but never tried on a dress that wouldn't fit me. Now I don't wanna risk the OP anymore and I'm hoping to grab the ivory JSK sometime in the future. I also tried on Innocent World's Cherry Jam Pleated Frill JSK in black and absolutely loved the dress and how it looked on me but decided to wait for the white version to pop up. I didn't leave the store empty-handed though. I found a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright skirt.

I never cared much about Le Lac des Cygnes but my friend recently got the JSK and I was with her when she picked it up and had the chance to see it in person. I must say I was impressed, it is a gorgeous print. So when I saw it there for a steal I couldn't help but buy it.

Of course the next stop had to be Angelic Pretty Nagoya.

By the end of this trip I had visited seven different Angelic Pretty stores and Nagoya's had by far the nicest staff, one of the girls even spoke pretty good English and I had such a great time there, the other girl (there were two at the occasion) didn't speak any English at all but did her best to help me.

I tried on Shadow Dream Carnival high waist JSK and it was huge on me, that dress has so much shirring that I think pretty much anyone can't fit in it. Ever since I tried on Eternal Carnival back in Hiroshima I had it in the back of my mind. I asked to try it on again. The regular JSK has a really flattering fit. The print is not what I usually go for but I thought it would be nice to have a dress that is different from the rest of my wardrobe.

But I wouldn't have this dress in any other colorway. The ivory balances out the Sweet print and the bodice and lace are gorgeous. The peplum version is longer and has the cute overskirt but the regular JSK's bodice has a nicer fit specially on the boob area.

I think I got this with 30% off, I just know I didn't pay full price. I plan to wear this dress pretty soon.

The shop-girls also gave me the Fall lookbook which is so beautiful, the pictures are way prettier and the coords way better than the ones in their most recent mook.

I had a really great experience shopping at Angelic Pretty Nagoya. On that day I wore my Cinnamoroll t-shirt, with my Amavel shell bag, Cinamoroll watch (which has little shells on the wristband) and my sailor skirt.

We walked around the beautiful city until we reached Nagoya City Science Museum.

The museum is actually in that huge silver ball! The planetarium being in the very top! We weren't quite sure whether we wanted to enter the museum. First we explored their souvenir shop.

They had astronaut food, World's map washi tape and so much cool stuff. I bought little presents for friends and family and got myself a pencil with a multicolored core. Visiting the shop was so exciting that we were convinced we had to check out the museum too!

Here are a few tips if you ever visit the museum: take your student ID with you, even if it's not in Japanese, any student ID will do, and then you can get a discounted ticket for the museum. You can buy the ticket to visit the museum only or the museum and planetarium. The attendant warned us that the planetarium was "Japanese only, no English" but I insisted I wanted to go to the planetarium too. That was a mistake because the planetarium ended up being very boring because we couldn't understand a thing and by the time the presentation was over the museum was closing and we had to leave. It was a waste of time and money because we got little time to explore the museum before our scheduled time for the planetarium presentation. I do recommend visiting the museum, but skip the planetarium if you don't speak Japanese and take your student ID with you! My boyfriend was able to get the discounted ticket with his Brazilian student ID and I didn't because I left mine here.

The museum closes at 5 PM on weekdays and since we didn't exactly plan to go there we were not able to check out all the floors but it was nice to visit anyways.

The rest of the afternoon we spent shopping. I grabbed all the cute Sanrio items from Seria.

There is a shopping bag, a file, wet tissues, blotting paper, gift bags, etc.

Loft was one of favorite stores in Japan, we would stop everything we came across one!

I bought a My Melody planner and more stationery and my boyfriend found this adorable Funassyi plushie and Sailor Moon tin (it comes with a tiny notepad).

I tend to go for the same motifs I like in Lolita when it comes to stationery. I don't have a bread dress yet but now I do have bread stickers!

Got pens and markers at Loft too! The pens are milk, peach, grape, coffee and matcha flavored!

Also bought this super kawaii limited edition Milky candy and chocolate bar at some kombini.

Before we left we had dinner at a okonomiyaki place, we added noodles to ours so it could be Hiroshima-style, it was so good, too bad I don't remember the name of the restaurant. When we were finally ready to leave it was almost 10 PM.

I said goodbye to Nagoya wishing I could go back someday. From all the seven Japanese cities we visited Nagoya was my favorite and that day was one of the best days I had in Japan.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Japan Trip Day 9: Nukamori no mori and Hamamatsu Flower Park ♡

The 9th in Japan was left to explore Hamamatsu's finest: a hobbit-like "village" called Nukamori no mori and a certain flower park, since they were close to each other we decided to visit both on the same day. We started with the Ghibli-looking village. We spent at least 40 minutes to get there but we found the place! I think this was the closest we got from country Japan because this place was in the middle of "nowhere".

The place consisted of little souvenir shops, a cafe and a restaurant, everything was adorable.

That day was the first day in Japan that I attempted to dress cute. But it was really really hot and my face and hair suffered the consequences.

Wore my Le Carrousel sailor skirt (petticoat and all), Fi.n.t chocolate bar t-shirt which is so ridiculously adorable that I think is one of the prettiest pieces of clothing I currently own, my beloved Milk bag and dusty pink Converse shoes with lacy ankle socks.

Wish we could've had lunch at their restaurant but it was closed at the time so I got a couple of macarons from the cafe.

I loved exploring Nukamori no mori, wish I had a better camera on me at the occasion.

We then headed to the flower park, I didn't know what to expect but the place exceeded any expectation I could've had. Starting at the entrance: it was free, we were greeted by an elderly Japanese man who was not only really nice to us but also spoke perfect English (I'm not a native speaker so to me it was perfect), this man who was probably on his late 70's and worked on the outskirts of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka spoke the most polished English I've heard during my whole stay in Japan. He offered us parasols to protect us from the sun, we didn't have to rent them or anything they were just there for anyone who was visiting the park to grab. At the entrance there was also a large building with a souvenir shop and some restaurants.

The park was huge, full of flowers, gardens and a big greenhouse. You could either walk to the greenhouse or take a train ride for only 100 yen.

I decided to ride the train. The view was breath-taking I can't even imagine what is this park on Spring.

The train stopped when it reached the greenhouse, we walked to the entrance, there was a beautiful double wooden door with metallic ornaments. I stepped forward, the door automatchly slid open. I gasped.

This is what you see when the doors open, Classical music playing and gorgeous flowers.

The greenhouse was divided in different ambiences, the first room was the one on the pictures above, it was cooler there to keep the flowers alive, it was also smaller but when we walked through the door that led to largest part of the greenhouse everything felt oddly...familiar?

The heat, the music playing, the was a Brazilian garden!

It was a piece of Brazil right there in Japan, the train driver explained in Japanese that they change the themes every season. I later asked why Brazil was chosen and he said it was because of the Olympics, naturally. And since it was Summer the weather did feel a lot like in Brazil, they did a great job replicating what would be a Brazilian garden.

The following section was a Balinese garden.

And the last one was a Mexican garden with the most amazing cactuses I've ever seen in my life.

We saw gorgeous flowers outside the greenhouse too. I need to visit this park during cherry blossom season someday! It must be a sight for sore eyes. I've seen some pictures on Google and they're just surreal.

Before leaving the beautiful park we bought fruit popsicles the old man recommend to us and they were delicious!

And of course we couldn't leave without taking a look on the souvenir shop where everything was super floral.

I found a cute jewelry box of my liking and it was only 300 yen. It's where I keep my most precious accessories.

And that's all we did on that day! It was one my favorite days in Japan and it goes to show that in Japan even the small cities have great things to offer!

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