Thursday, November 24, 2016

Japan Trip Day 11: Getting gel nails in Shizuoka ♡

We planned to visit Shizuoka since it was close to Hamamatsu and our JR passes were still valid. I did a bit of research to find out what were the cool places there and we got to visit pretty much all of the ones we had in mind.

First we went to Aloha Table for lunch. It's a Hawaiian-themed restaurant you can find at most big cities in Japan.

I ordered taco rice and watermelon juice and my boyfriend had some prawns with salad and rice. We drank a lot of lemonade from the drink bar and everything was delicious.

One of the best meals we had in Japan! After lunch we went shopping. I wasn't planning to go to Liz Lisa again but I'm glad I did because I found this super cute cardigan.

And then we stopped at Angelic Pretty for the millionth time. The shop girl didn't speak any English but I didn't take long.

Just grabbed a pair of OTKs to match my ivory Eternal Carnival and left. I've been wearing those OTKs a lot!

We then went to a 390 yen shop called THANKYOUMART where I finally found a case that would fit my Iphone 5c (those seem to be inexistent in Japan) and a Creamy Mami bracelet.

As I was taking a look at their 390 yen products I started to notice that the store employees were acting a bit weird, they kept staring at me and talking between nervous laughs. Until one of the girls came up to me and attempted some English to ask if she could take my picture to post on their Twitter account, she was very nervous but of course I said yes. I only thought it was weird because although I'm not Asian I looked pretty normalfag on that day and I was wearing boring clothes.

On our way to Aloha Table I spotted a nail salon that offered a good deal for gel manicure ,one of the things I really wanted to get done in Japan. The lady there said I could go back at 5:30 to get my nails done so I did. I paid about 5,000 yen to get a simple design. I only had gel nails done twice but it was solid color only. This was my first time getting gel nails with a design and I loved the experience!

I got pink french tips with silver glitter detailing and stones and pearls on my ring finger nail. I also really liked this design, hope I can get it done someday:

So pretty! The name of the salon was TFFA and I would get my nails done with them again if I could!

We ended up going to a different shopping mall later on that day where I noticed Gelato Pique for the first time. It's the cutest nightwear brand I've ever seen! I fell in love with their beautiful store.

I couldn't help but buying a little something from their brand so I chose one of their home sprays.

It came in a cute little box and even the shopping bag was adorable! Next time I'm in Japan I hope I can buy more of their products!

When it was already dark we visited Suzutora Café, we were so glad to find it still open but we only had time to grab some of their cookies to go.

By the way the lemon cookies were delicious! The matcha were a bit too strong for my taste but still pretty good.

Here are some flyers and things from the nail salon and the café! The nails lasted for over a month, can't wait to get something similar done again but I can't seem to find such service here in Brazil.

We had a good time in Shizuoka! By the way I know I'm a little behind with my Japan posts but hopefully I can get back on track soon, I just have a lot going in my life at the moment. Soon I'll post about my trip to Chile too!

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lolita Halloween ♡

Hello everyone! This year I couldn't attend any Halloween meet-ups as I've been working a lot on weekends. Last Sunday I went to my friends house so we could celebrate Halloween by cooking a spooky meal and wearing Lolita.

We spent the whole afternoon cooking, we made Jack O' Lantern peppers stuffed with taco rice, cucumber and cream cheese and egg salad sandwiches, apple pie and violet flavored Italian sodas. I was in charge of the decor as usual, so I brought all black/purple/orange party items I had.

I don't have many Halloween-y things in my collection, I love the celebration but I'm more into cutesy pastel themes, but I tried my best.

The decor was gore-free as I'm not a fan of fake blood or anything pass "elegantly spooky".

We couldn't do much more since it was only the two of us but we were happy with the results!

When we started eating, for our surprise, everything we prepared was delicious!

We specially loved the egg salad sandwiches and the taco rice "pumpkins", the apple pie, which we ate later on as we watched RuPaul's Drag Race was also delicious although it didn't end up looking as we expected.

I also prepared little candy bags for both of us containing chocolates, gummies, Japanese candy, etc.

It was a really fun day (and I did spend the whole day there @-@)

Outfit-wise my friend wore her Trick or Treat skirt from BTSSB and I had the hardest time picking an outfit since I'm really not into gothic/spooky/creepy/you-name-it themes. Naturally I had to wear my only black dress, Heart Party from BTSSB. I ended up wearing something that was neither Halloween-y or my style. I'm really unhappy with the outcome, it's safe to say that this was my least favorite outfit in 2016.

It would've looked more color-balanced had my gold shoes arrived so I could wear them, I really dislike those black shoes and I intend to replace them soon. I've never in my entire Lolita life worn so many accessories on my head at once, it was almost OTT by my standards! There was a black velvet headbow from Chocomint, a bat shaped hair-clip from Paris Kids, a side veil from Le Carrousel, a black and a gold glitter bow, a gold glitter star and a metallic gold star! I also worn my gold glitter star ring from Oh Candy! an off-brand star necklace and tights with a gold glitter constellations print! The star bag from Angelic Pretty and the Cosmic choux choux also from AP I borrowed from my friend and my blouse is Amavel!

That's it for this year's Halloween I hope you had an awesome time too! More Japan posts coming soon!

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