Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wardrobe Post 2017 ♡

Welcome to my 2017 wardrobe post. Last year I had the chance to upgrade my Lolita wardrobe and acquire many of my dream dresses and today I'm going to share every single detail with you for the last time! For my wardrobe 2018 I plan to coordinate all the main pieces but I don't think I'll be taking pictures of all my blouses, shoes, accessories, etc. When I took this year's pictures I was in the middle of moving out so I couldn't put as much effort on the pictures as I'd like too, please excuse their low quality, the weather kept changing so I didn't have good lighting for all of them. Some of the clothes, as well as my bed sheets, are in desperate need of some ironing so please ignore that too. You can also find my post on egl.

Dresses ♡

University OP (Angelic Pretty)

Misty Sky (2016 re-release, Angelic Pretty)

French Doll OP (Angelic Pretty)

Heart Party (BTSSB)

Toy March (aka my ultimate dream dress, Angelic Pretty)

Cameo Window (Angelic Pretty)

Melty Cream Doughnuts (2016 re-release)

Musée du Chocolat (Angelic Pretty)

Sweet Cream House (Angelic Pretty)

Royal Unicorn Gobelin (Angelic Pretty)

Petit Patisserie (Angelic Pretty)

Lotta Revival (Innocent World)

Eternal Carnival (Angelic Pretty)

Fancy Paper Dolls (Angelic Pretty)

Drained Cherry (Angelic Pretty)

Cherish My Juicy Cherry (BTSSB)

Lady Gingham (Angelic Pretty)

Otome ♡

Ice Candy Print (Leur Getter)

Plushie Print (Emily Temple Cute)

Chocolatier Print (Emily Temple Cute)

(Liz Lisa, I know it's not an otome brand but it's longer than some otome dresses I like to wear it with a Milk bag and Q-pot jewelry)

Skirts ♡

Usakumya-chan is a Petit Pâtissier (BTSSB)

Rose Dress Up (Angelic Pretty)

Le Lac des Cygnes (BTSSB)

Sweet Cream Strawberry Days (BTSSB)

Melty Cream Doughnuts (Angelic Pretty)

Sweetie Violet (Angelic Pretty)

Airy Star Gate (Angelic Pretty, picture doesn't do justice :/)

Sailor skirt (Le Carrousel)

Rockabilly Dot (Angelic Pretty)

Blouses and cutsew ♡

(Amavel, off-brand 2x)

(Angelic Pretty, Amavel)

(Amavel 2x, Axes Femme)

(BTSSB, bought at Takeshita Dori don't remember the store, Emily Temple Cute)

(Innocent World, Angelic Pretty Glass Doll Cutsew. There's also a black blouse that I forgot to include)

(Fi.n.t, Angelic Pretty, Jane Marple)

Boleros and cardigans ♡

(Le Carrousel, off-brand, Innocent World)

(BTSSB, Metamorphose)

(Sanrio My Melody, Liz Lisa)

(H&M, Fi.nt, off-brand)


(Emily Temple Cute, AP, AP. BTSSB, IW, AaTP, AP, AP, AP)

(Sanrio, WEGO, off-brand)

(Off-brand, all bought at Shibuya 109)

(Off-brand, AP, Swimmer, etc)

(Off-brand, Angelic Pretty)

Headdress ♡

(All off-brand)

(Amavel, off-brand, BTSSB, Q-pot)

(All Angelic Pretty)

(Angelic Pretty, Le Carrousel, Chocomint, off-brand)

(Angelic Pretty, Campanella, Le Carrousel, Paris Kids, off-brand)

Bags ♡

(MILK, Angelic Pretty)

(AP replica and, my only replica, I'll sell it once I find an equivalent substitution, Angelic Pretty)

(Amavel, Swimmer)

(All Angelic Pretty)

(Swimmer, Amavel)


(Puff bag and brooch and Lolita necklace all Rose Marie Seoir)

Accessories ♡

(Angelic Pretty 3x, Imai Kira, Ghibli Museum)

(I'm Leaving to Mars, Sanrio, BTSSB, etc)

(Sanrio, WEGO, Disney, etc)

(Oh! Candy, Paris Kids, off-brand, etc)

(Cerise x Maki collab)

(Chocomint, Q-pot, BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, Swimmer, etc)

(Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, off-brand)

(Sanrio, off-brand)

(Angelic Pretty, Q-pot 2x, Jane Marple, off-brand)

(Chérie Cerise, Chocomint, Honey Cinnamon)

(Paris Kids, Angelic Pretty, off-brand)

(Bag charms: Sanrio, Rilakkuma, Tokyo Disney Sea)

Shoes ♡

(Angelic Pretty, my shoe collection is still a work in progress)

(Unicorn Holic (navy one), Cotton Candy Feet, off-brand)

(Fi.n.t  (pink oxford), off-brand)

Others ♡

(Angelic Pretty)

Coming soon... ♡


(My Lolita BFF got me Toy March OTKs  for Christmas ♡)

Here's a sneak peek of how I used to store my Lolita clothing:

And some products I spray in my closet to make my clothes smell wonderful:

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Your wardrobe post is so well made, it looks an absolute treat! And you have a very cohesive (and quite sizeable) wardrobe too, there are so many pieces here that I like as well. :)

    1. Thank you! I was actually worried that I didn't make it as nicely as I intended to so I'm really glad you like it ^o^ And thanks for calling it cohesive, in my eyes it is a total mess that somehow works hahaha thank you again <3

  2. I'm totally jealous of your Royal Unicorn! I'm still hunting it and Elizabeth Unicorn too. I didn't know about Amavel, I'll take a look. Also, I've always had curiosity about Unicornholic shoes? Are they comfy? I adore the red, blue, pink and black palette of your wardrobe!

    1. I think I've seen an Elizabeth Unicorn in pink for sale on Wunderwelt! Royal Unicorn is really nice too bad it's so short and a total pain to coordinate. Amavel is greaaaaat speacially for blouses, you should totally check it out! Unicorn Holic shoes are very comfy, at least the pair I have. And thank you <3 hope you'll get your Elizabeth Unicorn soon ^u^

  3. Replies
    1. Obrigada <3 vc ainda vai postar o seu esse ano?

  4. Que guarda-roupa maravilhoso! Adorei! E deve ter dado muito trabalho meeesmo fazer esse post! =X O bom é que se resolver fazer a versão 2018, é só ir fotografando os itens novos e dar um ctrl c ctrl v nesse post hehe.

    1. Tentarei fazer isso pra versão 2018 hahaha obrigada pela sugestão :3

  5. Oh my gosh! Your collections are sooooo cute!♡ Can you make kawaii phone casing collection? I would like to see that stuff!