Sunday, February 19, 2017

Valentine's Day Meeting 2017 ♡

I don't think I'll be attending many meet-ups this year but I sure wouldn't miss the first and one of the most important Lolita events around here. Last year we didn't have a Valentine's meeting so I was really glad the girls were able to organize one this year. It was also a twinning meeting so we spend a long time planning our coords.
When I first heard we were supposed to twin the first person that came to my mind was Hana because we have 8 prints in common. But then Helo asked me if we would like to go as Cherry Squad since we all have Angelic Pretty cherry prints in the lavender colorway.
Helo has Wrapping Cherry special set, I have Drained Cherry and Hana has Cherry Marguerite. The only problem is that Drained Cherry is my shortest dress so I just wear it as a casual dress. But Helo is a lot shorter than me so she came up with the idea that we should switch dresses for the meet since her dress is longer and mine wouldn't be as short on her.

Our Valentine's Day happened at Le Pain (the same place as the Classical Meeting) and as expecteted it was packed with lolitas, I heard people saying that there 70 of us there!

I loveeeed wearing Helo's Wrapping Cherry, the cut is a lot more flattering on me than DC. I have no credit for this coord since I was wearing Helo's dress, hairclip and her Honey Cinnamon bag and Hana's daisy and heart hairclips. The Innocent World blouse, AP ring, My Melody charm, shoes and socks are mine though.

The best thing about my coord was my nails. I got gel nails done the day before to match the lavender.

The design is similar from when I got gel nails in Japan but this time I chose lavender tips with gold glitter and more stones! I got them done at Blitz Nails, unfortunately I cannot recommend them since 4 days later the gel peeled off leaving half of one nail naked, the following day one of the stones fell off, then two more stones and then the gel of two more nails peeled off and it ended up lasting less than a regular manicure. It's not worth the money if doesn't last at least two weeks and I absolutely cannot compare it with the time I got my nails done in Japan, after a month they were still in pristine condition. My search for a good nail artist in Brazil continues...

At least they were good for the meeting so it wasn't a total waste. I really wanted to wear my heart with an arrow ring from Swimmer but I couldn't find it :(

And here are the Lavender Cherry triplets!

Hana was wearing AP with AP with some more AP and so was Helo.

The meeting itself was really fun although it was raining outside, hot and crowded inside and I couldn't enjoy myself as much because I've been so worried about life lately. There were many girls with drop dead gorgeous (bet you read that in Alyssa's voice) outfits too.

I decided to take part in the chocolate exchange even though I'm not a huge fan of chocolate and have a very particular and picky taste for it (which is ironic since I'm obsessed with chocolate themed items in Lolita). So I bought some Lindt which I know is well liked. During the chocolate exchange I spotted some candy so I just grabbed it and left 'cause my feet hurt and I had no intent to steal other girls precious chocolate.

I love this agar agar candy called Sweet Jelly, I ate the whole pack at once!

I didn't stay for the valentines reading because Hana and I were too tired and we wanted to go home so as everyone was taking group pictures outside I just opened the valentines box and got all of the ones that were for me hahaha, classy move but I promise I didn't read what wasn't mine.

Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the Little Twin Stars pin Helo gave to all the members of Cherry Squad. Cherry Squad will always be remembered dearly <3

Thank you everyone who sent me a valentine I'll love and treasure which one of them. Matter of fact I still have the ones I got sent at the 2015 Valentine's meet.

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Sempre linda e adorável!
    Amei seu coord e todas vcs estão maravilhosas!
    Melhor meeting de todos!Que venha o de 2018! <3

  2. AAh, eu guardo todos os valentine's tbm x)
    Seu trio estava uma fofura!! <3 E vc tá sempre linda! *u*

  3. That is really cute post, valentines day is a day of love for everyone not necessarily love for guy or girl, it can be with anything. Thank you for sharing this post with us